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Eliminating Odour Caused By Fire

Fire restoration is a complicated task; one that has many hurdles, plenty of safety checks and lots of processes and paperwork to ensure a proper restoration of the affected property. One of the many concerns of restoration efforts is the correct elimination and eradication of the foul odour left behind by fire damage.

Depending on how extensive the damage is, removing fire odour can prove to be a challenge; one that is by all means conquerable, yet requires a fair bit of planning, adequate measures and sound implementation.

Today’s post will address the concern of removing fire odour from an affected property. The idea is to inform readers on how to go about the restoration process in order to achieve the desired results. 

The first order of business is to call a professional fire and flood restoration company like Relkogroup, who can handle such situations with proper expertise and experienced workers. 

Listed below are some of the steps and procedures you have to follow in order to get rid of your odour problem.

Open All Ventilation Outlets

Nothing should be left concealed to rot and fester. Any trapped air or smell needs to escape the inner structure. Open all of the doors and windows of the property to allow for adequate ventilation. An exhaust system is also extremely handy in these situations, providing it works and hasn’t been damaged in the fire. Open all outlets so that air trapped inside of the structure can escape.

Check the Insulation

Finding the source of the odour can be tricky at times. Usually people are looking around on the floor for clues. However, in many cases, the problem might be coming from above. Insulation, when burnt, gives off a strong smell and it could very well be coming from your attic or any other affected area that once had proper insulation. It is advised to remove it from the premises immediately. There isn’t a way to clean or deodorise insulation, so the only option you have is to replace it.

Clean Your Carpet 

Carpets can retain odours and leave your property smelling for months. There are cleaning companies for both residential and business establishments that can help with this issue. Click here to see the carpet cleaning services offered by

Sometimes, the best thing to remove odour is to get rid of the object that carries it. Ditch all items made useless by the fire, such as old mattresses and furniture, as there is no way to remove odour from these objects.

Ultimately, odour removal involves a fair bit of cleaning. Office cleaning companies are your best option for removing odours and restoring the affected structure or area. 

This is a job for professionals, and using a professional company like Relko will keep costs reasonable and come with a higher success ratio. We will take care of everything and get the job done in a timely and acceptable manner.