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10 Unexpected Items that are (potentially) Dirtier than Your Toilet

Shunned for being presumably the dirtiest part of the house, the toilet has been made out to be an extremely smelly scapegoat when in actual fact supposed "clean items" are actually the new bog-standard. Courtesy of Relko Cleaning & Support we present to you "10 unexpected items that are (potentially) dirtier than your toilet."    

10. "Ice, ice (sick) BABY!"

In an article published by the BBC it was revealed that "ice served in restaurants and bars is regularly riddled with bacteria." Researchers found that almost half of the samples from ice buckets and ice machines had traces of coliform bacteria - which come from faeces.

09. Mobile (germ) Roaming

Quite literally a mobile breeding ground for germs, some mobile devices have been known to harbour 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Now with that nugget of nauseating news you'll probably think twice about putting your phone to your face - possible loudspeaker revolution?

08. A (tooth) brush with Bacteria

Something of a toilet transportation system (of the nastiest kind imaginable), because once the toilet is flushed germs can sometimes travel up to 6 feet - lingering about for a further 2 hours. As a result of this ‘germy' pilgrimage our toothbrushes become like a nest for "bottom bacteria" and whatever else can make it to this bristle town.

07. Reusable (and Repukeable) Shopping Bags

Not only are our shopping bags filled to the brim with fresh and frozen produce but it also turns out that they are chock-full of germs to boot.

06. Controller of Channels and Crud

Quite possibly of the one most convenient/dirty items you could own, the TV remote is like a magnetic hub for germs and grime.

05.   Light Switch Loving Germs 

Off to stay in a hotel? Well, before you switch the light on you might want to pull out the sanitizer and give the light switch a good clean. According to a Daily Mail article revolving around "Hotel Room Hotspots," a small team of researchers collected samples from 19 surfaces in three hotel rooms in three states - Texas, Indiana and South Carolina and found:

  • Main light switches had 122.7 colony-forming units (CFU) for aerobic bacteria and an alarming 111.1 CFU for fecal (poo) bacteria.

04. Door Handles Germs as well as Hands

Our hands are considered one of the dirtiest parts of our bodies. We touch hundred's even thousands of things on a daily basis so it's no surprise that a handle would be a gateway to a germ-filled paradise.

03. Pillow Plagued By Parasites

If you thought that the only thing resting in your bed was you... think again! Pillows are a hive for all matter of micro monsters and muck. Lying on your pillow you're likely to find dead skin cells, dust mites, fungal spores, pollens and other body secretions where you rest your head.

02. Money Makes the Germs go Round

In an article published by The Independent depicting just how germ-ridden bank notes and coins can actually become, the paper shockingly revealed that "banknotes can carry more germs than the average toilet seat!"

The study carried out by Dr Ron Cutler, senior lecturer at the school of biological and chemical sciences at Queen Mary, University of London, found that out of the 200 notes and 45 credit cards analysed "26% of the notes and 47% of the cards had high levels of bacteria. Overall, 80% of notes and 78% of credit cards tested had some traces of bacteria. Some were so high in contaminants they carried more germs than the average toilet seat."

01. Sponges!

This familiar green and yellow character is widely regarded as the dirtiest thing to ever make its way into your home. Shock-factor tabloid the Daily Mail claim that the average kitchen sponge is "200,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat - and could even lead to paralysis" - shocking indeed!

And there you have it 10 unexpected items that are (potentially) dirtier than your toilet seat.  Now if all this talk of germs has got you second guessing the cleanliness levels of your office or commercial space then Relko Cleaning and Support Service will put your mind at ‘clean-ease.' For over 4 decades we have been providing an unrivalled cleaning service that shines in every area. Speaking of areas, we have established ourselves as one of the top Birmingham cleaning services to arise - reiterated by our longevity and excellent track record.

For more information regarding any of our extensive cleaning services, please contact us via any of our contact options.