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21st Century Scouts and Guides

Boy Scouts and Girl Guides are a wonderful childhood tradition across the world. For all of the physical and traditional aspects of being a Scout or Guide though, it is a given that modern technology needs to be integrated into activities and programmes, in order to bring the pursuit into the 21st century.
Just because you don’t want to lose the simple pleasures and life skills of previous decades, skills such as building fires and administering first aid, you don’t have to shun all smart technology. It is easy to incorporate smart technology and touchscreen devices into Scout or Guide activities, even outdoor ones.
This post will discuss how your Scouts and Guides can use touchscreens and wearable technology, like the I Glove touchscreen glove, to complete challenges and earn more badges. You see, such wearable technology can help earn Communicator, Science and even Music or Culture badges. For two specific examples though, check out the ideas below.
Scouts: Photography Badge
This badge is earned by taking stunning shots that display real skill and talent behind a lens. Of course, the best shots happen when you least expect, and you are often left rushing around and fumbling with a touchscreen device. This is only made worse in the cold weather when you have gloves to contend with.
With iGlove touchscreen gloves though, your Scout can wander around outside, tablet or smartphone in hand, taking snaps as they happen without having to worry about removing the outerwear or carrying around a non-touchscreen device.
Of course, as they can use smart devices, their snaps will be stored digitally so it will be far easier to work with them and create the perfect badge-worthy story with them afterwards.
Guides: Healthy Lifestyle Badge

A healthy lifestyle is something all children need to be aware of and enjoy, and this badge is a favourite among Guides and parents alike. The way that Girl Guides manage their healthy lifestyle does not always mirror the way society deals with health and fitness though.
For example, technology plays a significant role in modern everyday life, especially when it comes to educating yourself and managing your own healthy lifestyle. From tablets full of healthy recipes and stored workout videos to phones that track steps taken, and hours slept; there is a technological counterpart for every aspect of a healthy life.
Of course, getting outside and staying active is the priority, but it should be done with both tradition and advancement in mind. iGloves and Hear Muffs are ideal accessories because the technology is cleverly woven into the material, for a subtle appearance. The items allow youngsters to stay connected, be it to a motivating playlist whilst on a run or to their fitness trackers and podcasts; they can get outdoors, get active, and stay connected.
Boy Scouting and Girl Guiding will always be hands-on pursuits based on tradition, but that doesn’t mean they have to get left behind the times. By making some simple adjustments, you can inject some smart wearable technology into the traditions in a heartbeat.
So browse our website and take a look at the iGlove range, or get in touch with Relkogroup today. We are sure to have just what you need for your troop, whatever challenges and badges they are after.