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3 Signs of Mould

A damp office or home can provide the perfect breeding ground for mould making it important that if you suspect your property may have a humidity issue, to keep your eyes sharp for any signs of mould growth. As mould can trigger allergies and other reactions in humans, it's important to stop and eliminate mould growth before it develops. Below we have compiled the 3 most common signs of mould. 


Often, an unpleasant odour will waft throughout the office or home and if you do have a mould problem, the smell will grow stronger the closer you get to the origin. Sometimes, in damp, covered areas, the odour may be the only sign that you actually have mould growing in your workplace so you shouldn't dismiss a bad smell.


Mould is usually quite noticeable, but too many people dismiss it as being nothing more than a bit of dirt. Even if you suspect that it could be mould, you should take immediate action to get rid of it as it can quickly spread and the problem will only get worse. It also proves that, if it is mould, your property has the correct conditions for it to develop, something that should be addressed as quickly as possible.

Some people simply don't know what to look for when it comes to mould as it can appear in various colours such as white, orange and green, so it may be worth getting in touch with a specialist if you notice something suspect.

Water Issues

If you are familiar with the history of your office or home and you know it's had some problems with moisture or you know that it's currently suffering from moisture issues, then it's almost inevitable that mould will grow if it hasn't already. If you're unsure, look out for water stains, damp feeling materials and wall, floor and ceiling discolouration. This will usually indicate whether or not you have a damp problem in your property.

Also keep an eye out for any surface abnormalities including cracking or peeling of the paint and bulging or warped walls. These signs might mean that moisture has seeped through.

These are just 3 signs that may indicate mould growth.

If you're currently suffering from a mould problem or suspect you may have mould growing in your workplace or home and would like professional advice and treatment, please get in touch with Relko Group today. We offer mould remediation alongside our fire and flood restoration services and would be happy to diagnose and treat your property.

Alternatively, for more information on what we as a company can offer, contact us today through our website! We would be happy to answer any enquiries you may have.