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A Day in the Life

Not many would consider taking on a job as a cleaner; it takes a special kind of person to be that hard working; day-in, day-out - especially when it comes to cleaning up after other people! Here at Relko, our team; focused on commercial cleaning and office cleaning are not just dedicated, but committed to improving your working life.

Featuring various cleaning services, Birmingham knows it is in good hands with Relko Cleaning Services. From deep cleaning to customised cleaning solutions, our team are experts who take pride in their work, just as you would expect from professionals.

So, just what does a day in the life of our cleaning technicians entail? With a wide range of clients all with different needs and requirements, cleaning schedules can be quite varied. Read on to find out more.

7-9am: First client of the day: an office complex in Birmingham. Most offices need a clean once a week, but we visit this complex every day to ensure all the businesses located here have their weekly visit. Desks are dusted, polished and sanitised, bins emptied, toilets are cleaned and floors are hoovered. Windows and doors are cleaned and the kitchen areas are cleaned thoroughly, including microwaves and fridges.  Contact with cleaning products can be damaging to skin, so we use gloves to protect our hands.

10am-2pm: A carpet cleaning job for another client who are about to move into a new premises. The rest of the office is spick and span, but the carpet could do with a bit of rejuvenation. That's where our specialists come in. Ensuring carpets are clean and hygienic is important to us, so we get to work using equipment designed for the job at hand.

3-5pm: Final task of the day: High-level cleaning for a well-known high street retailer. Cleaning at high levels is a big health and safety risk to the average cleaner, but our specialists are trained to handle these situations with ease and professionalism.

Days are long and hard work, but being a cleaner is a rewarding job. If you are looking for cleaning services in Birmingham, then please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.