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A Look At Fire and Flood Restoration Services

The prospect of having to deal with fire and flood restoration is not something homeowners look forward to, and for good reason. Such repairs are often carried out during tense times, when an individual house or an entire street has experienced devastating physical damage, be it water or fire related. Depending on how severe the damage is, a property can even become inhabitable until it is properly restored.  

Restoring a property in the aftermath of fire and flood is no mean feat. Some people may want to do the cleanup by themselves, but they lack the experience, expertise and equipment necessary to do so. Cleaning and restoring a property after flood or fire may sound simple enough, but it is a challenging task and can be risky to attempt without professional guidance. This is where fire and flood restoration companies like Relkogroup take the lead, offering a wide range of services to affected families and individuals.

In today’s post, we will look at just some of the services on offer to those struggling with the after-effects of fire and flood. Read on for more.

Emergency Response and Structural Security 

The aim of a restoration firm is to assist victims of flood and fire efficiently, which is why they respond to calls as quickly as possible. This efficiency also continues with the work itself, as the companies clean properties quickly and thoroughly. In addition to cleaning, restoration companies also work on structural security to prevent any further damage to the property. 

Antiques & Fine Art Restoration

Some properties have valuable antiques and fine art pieces that come with heavy price tags. When these items are damaged as a result of flood or fire, many restoration companies will restore them to their former glory, or at least as close as possible. 

Humidity Control and Deodorization 

Properties that suffer flood or fire damage are at risk of developing mould, and sometimes different forms of corrosion can occur too. Fire and flood restoration companies carry out humidity control and deodorisation procedures to bring properties back to their original condition. Both processes are beneficial because humidity control can prevent mould and deodorisation makes the space liveable again. Click here for more on our services.

HVAC Dust Cleaning

After a fire or flood, dust can sink deep into the carpets or settle in other areas of the property. Restoration companies offer HVAC dust cleaning services as a means of getting properties back to a condition where they can be occupied without posing any health risks.

The complete range of services offered by fire and flood restoration companies like Relkogroup is too large to list. However, the ones highlighted in this post are some of the most popular ones. Ultimately, the type of service you require will depend on your specific situation, but you can rest assured that whatever you need, Relkogroup will be able to help.