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A New Way to Educate: The iGlove

If ever there was an occasion for wearable technology like the iGlove mini children’s touchscreen gloves, it is school trips.
School trips are one of the most treasured aspects of any term, and students of all ages look forward to the experience. They relish the opportunity to get out from behind a classroom desk and explore new things and new ideas.
Whether it is going to a museum for a guided tour or going to see a play at the theatre after an interactive workshop, this engaging and novel way of learning is a winner for almost everyone. However, indoor field trips are usually far easier to manage when they take place indoors. What do you do when the field trip takes you outside, to the middle of, well, a field? To purchase your iGloves simply click this link!
With the wind whipping at your group at uncomfortably low temperatures, it is hardly an environment conducive to learning. As if the climate isn’t tough enough for antsy little ones and attitude-ridden teens, asking them to forego the warmth and comfort of woolly hats, hoods and gloves in order to hear your commentary and complete worksheets is a step too far.
So how do you make sure everyone hears what they need to, without forcing them to brave the elements more than necessary?
Well, you invest in smart, wearable technology for the class of course. Many of you will have heard of the incredible iGlove touchscreen gloves we have here at, but you may not know about the other accessories in their range, or how to make them work for you.
The I Glove Hear Muffs is a superb piece of kit, and they are the perfect solution if you are looking for a way to keep your class cosy, comfortable, connected and in the know.
As you wander around an ancient Bronze Age site or trek your way through the Duke of Edinburgh Award, you will be able to impart your knowledge via a podcast or similar recording, which students can download beforehand and listen to on the way round.
The Hear Muffs act as headphones, but they also keep little ears nice and toasty, whilst boasting a subtle and stylish design.
If you prefer your class to be a little more interactive, you can also look at our iGlove touchscreen gloves (per student or per group), which will allow the children to work touchscreen devices and fill in digital worksheets without having to remove their gloves.
The combination of practical outerwear, traditional school trip settings and complete connectivity for the group really does represent a thoroughly 21st century way of learning.
For more on the iGlove range here at Relko, or to order your gloves of Hear Muffs, browse our site and get in touch. We are always happy to help, and we look forward to hearing from you.