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Action Stations!

As colder months approach and the wet, wintry conditions set in, our minds turn to the bad weather.

Will it flood? How will it affect my business? These burning questions, and so many more, can be stressful with the busiest time of year edging closer, but Relkogroup are here to give advice and help you through should there be another period of flooding across the UK.

Plan and Prepare

First of all, it is important to know whether or not your business is at risk of flooding. You can consult flood risk maps and sign up for flood alerts on  or call 0345 988 1188.

Second, prepare for the worst. Risk assess your building, the contents and equipment to evaluate any appropriate courses of action should you find yourself flooded. You will need to consider protecting staff, stock, equipment and the building, as well as dealing with any hazardous substances where necessary, and learning how to avoid contamination or risk of pollution.

Draw up a Flood Plan

  • Draw up contact details of all staff, plus their emergency contacts, along with Floodline, Building Services and any other particulars you may require in times of flooding.
  • Include a map of the building and any land at risk.
  • Devise strategies for: protecting land/property/equipment/data/staff, preventing any interruption to business, and how to recover from a flood.
  • Include evacuation processes, and ensure your staff are fully trained for the situation.
  • Stock up on essentials - sandbags, plastic sheeting, tools, dry wood, etc.
  • Check to see that you are fully insured in case of a flood - if not, this flood could incur a lot of cost at the expense of your business.

Floods of Varying Natures

To best prepare for an incoming flood, you need to know what kind of flood you are most at risk from. There are three types of flooding; some predictable, some manageable and some neither of the above.

Surface water or pluvial flooding happens when there is an intense period of heavy rain that the drainage system cannot cope with, and consequently, the drainage system floods.

Coastal and river or fluvial flooding occurs when there is a combination of bad weather and either a high tide or river at risk of bursting its banks.

Groundwater flooding is the least predictable type of flood, involving pockets of air underground filling with water and over-spilling. This can last weeks or even months.

Best Laid Plans

Despite planning and preparing for the worst, flooding is an entirely natural phenomenon that cannot be controlled. To that end, regardless of what time is spent on evacuation procedures and protecting your business, if the inevitable has happened, what do you do now?

Act fast, and contact Relko for our flood restoration services. We can get to work immediately to restore damaged property and important documents, to minimise downtime for your business. We can also install rain catchers at your business should your roof be damaged in bad weather.

So if you require our flood restoration services in the Birmingham area, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll see what we can do to get your business up and running gain.