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Analysing Longleat’s Lion fire furore

Longleat safari park was brought to an abrupt state of emergency, when a vehicle carrying a mother and her two children caught fire while in the lion enclosure. On initial inspection of the situation Helen Clements (the mother), assumed that her vehicle had just overheated. She however, soon came to the realisation that things were a lot more dire than what they first appeared. 

With plumes of thick black smoke bellowing from the vehicle, Helen sounded her horn to inform onlookers and (more importantly) rangers that they were in need of assistance. Opening the doors of her vehicle she attempted to exit to safety. Rangers screamed for her not to leave the car although her son did briefly, but was ushered back.  Unable to see the lions sprawled out some 100 yards in front of them, they were desperate to escape. The car at this point had begun to set ablaze, thankfully the quick response of the park rangers meant that whole family escaped unharmed. 

Witnesses (according to a BBC News article) said the lions "didn't take their eyes off the fire and smoke." Signifying just how perilous the situation was. It is also important to note that no animals were harmed either as a result of the smoke.

Incidents such as this reflect the wild spontaneous nature of fire. Restoration specialists Relko understand and respect this. Their diligence to resolving fire & flood hit properties as quickly and effectively as possible is second to none. 

Being specialists in this field means Relko can offer a fully comprehensive service should the unexpected happen. This service includes:

Fire and Smoke Damage - Providing rapid assistance to clients who have been hit by fire or smoke damage. This service includes a detailed assessment, thorough clean up assistance and after care - throughout the recovery process. To find out more please click here.

Relko not limited to just fire restoration, are able to effectively manage a wide scope of occurrences. These include:

Water Damage - Relko's water restoration service is efficient, safe and seamless. Broken down into three categories to outline the level of service needed depending on a case by case basis. To find out more about this service please click here.

Document Recovery - In the wake of most if not all significant structural incidents, its highly likely that important papers, documents or photographs are damaged as a result. Relko offer a service that utilises a range of restorative techniques to recover all those precious items. For more information on this services please click here.

Void and Trauma Restoration - Relko's long list of services extend to unconventional incidences including the likes of crime scenes, accident sites and human decomposition. These extra sensitive circumstances are handled with the utmost care and professionalism. For more information regarding this particular service please click here.

IAQ Indoor Air Quality - Relko recognise the importance of air quality within the working environment. Poor air quality can have detrimental effects upon a workforce's heath, comfort and general well-being. To combat this, Relko offer tailored services to ensure that the quality of air within your business stays at the highest possible.


Relko's dutiful service goes above and beyond the handful outlined in this article. To see the full extent of Relko's services and what they can do for you please click here.