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Are You Allergic to Work?

If you do or have ever suffered from hay fever or similar symptoms, then to some extent you will be aware of the discomfort caused by allergies in general. Allergies not only cause extreme frustration and discomfort in the long term, but they also have a negative impact on health and the immune system too.

While most of us look forward to those warm summer days, those who suffer from hay fever, dust and pollen allergies will most likely be dreading it, as the symptoms of the allergies ruin the enjoyable weather completely. Sneezing, sore throats, coughs, dry, irritated eyes and runny noses are part and parcel for these people. 

Some people are allergic to certain animals or pets, nuts, aerosols, bee stings, dust and so much more. It is important to remain on top of cleaning communal places such as offices, toilets, kitchens and so forth, to keep washing those germs and allergy triggers away. 

Mould and uncleanliness are a major contributor to bacteria. It is important to make sure all known and daily used surfaces, floors, counters, door handles; desktops and tables are regularly cleaned. Offices can be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, and one of the causes of this is the fact that people tend to care less about their office environment and more about their homes. 

What is important to remember, though, is that we spend a large amount of our daily time actually within the work environment and then we go home and transfer the germs from one site to the other. 

All airborne particles – mould, dust, moisture, bacteria, pollen - and not forgetting dust mites - are all extremely common causes of allergies. 

You may have a pet, but there may be someone in your working environment that could have a serious allergy to them, so always keep this in mind when introducing hygiene and cleanliness into the office. 

It is always a good idea to have sanitary gel on hand at all times. Just dispense as you walk past or keep at your desk. While this won’t rid your work environment of germs, it will reduce them to some extent, at least. 

It is crucial to remember, allergies come in many forms, some being uncomfortable and some being serious or fatal. 

So, overall, it is important to ensure regular cleaning in the office. Call Relko Group for your office cleaning in Birmingham and surrounding areas. Our team of professionals know what they’re doing and hold over 40 years of experience, give us a call for your free quotation today.