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Avoid These Festive Mishaps

The end of the year plays host to some of the most family-oriented celebrations in modern culture, with people eating, drinking and being merry with their loved ones. Catching up over a glass or two of wine and enjoying a festive feast is all part and parcel of the Christmas package, not forgetting trick or treaters wearing costumes in the dark and all the fireworks on Bonfire Night.

It's easy to see how one might be unlucky enough to injure themselves - so Relkogroup are here to help you avoid the most common mishaps.

Warning! There may be danger ahead, continue with caution.

  • Ensure all electrical lights are screwed in correctly, fitted with the correct fuse and there are no damaged wires. Exploding fairy lights can be particularly dangerous as they often hit the face and eye area. You could end up with a burnt eyebrow or something much worse
  • Use fireguards when using your fireplace. After a few drinks, it might seem logical to swing your clothes round, but this is very dangerous around naked flames
  • Open bottles of Champagne with the lid facing away from you, any other people or animals. Keep your thumb over the cork while twisting the cap off, to save yourself from a surprise pop!
  • Use a carving knife and fork when carving turkeys, especially after a few Christmas tipples
  • Beware of the Christmas tree poking you in the eye - don't place presents too far underneath to avoid this sore point
  • Take care when preparing your Christmas feast, the oven and door can get incredibly hot. Use protective oven mitts and an apron to save yourself from burns
  • Remember to chew your food properly. Every year, many people are admitted to hospital after having choked on their Christmas dinner
  • Wear weather appropriate shoes when leaving the house to avoid slips, trips and falls in the snow and always be aware of black ice
  • Check that your children aren't collecting snow from a gravelled area for their snowball fight with the neighbours, or it might mean a trip down to A&E
  • Finally, defrost the turkey in the specified manner. Forgetting to take it out of the freezer needn't be a disaster, but it will be if you leave it in the sink with the tap running to defrost it, resulting in a flooded kitchen

With so many candles and decorations around, and the rise in fireplace popularity in recent times; house fires over the Christmas period is a worrying trend. Should the worst happen, our fire and flood restoration service team is on hand to help get your home back in order.

For other festive mishaps, you might find our carpet cleaning service, deep cleaning services or safety equipment store useful. For more information regarding the work that we undertake, please contact us today.