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Being Green in Business

Being a green business is not just about recycling your paper and cardboard, nor is it about turning off the office electronics at the end of every working day. It is about thinking and acting green at all times, in every aspect of work life, right down to who cleans the office, how and with what. 

That is why RelkoGroup, the leading commercial cleaning company in Birmingham, offers eco-friendly cleaning services, with green approved products. We understand the importance of being green and finding environmentally friendly alternatives to the harmful chemicals so often used in commercial cleaning. Read on to see three big benefits of opting for eco-friendly cleaning services.

Help the Environment          

The lab-manufactured cleaning products often used are harsh and full of chemicals. The toxic cocktails work so well because they are so concentrated but this also makes them dangerous and when these harmful chemicals are released into the environment (either by aerosol spray or by the fumes emitted from liquid chemicals) they can cause all sorts of problems. Half the world's population using harmful chemical cleaners releases a lot of toxins into the atmosphere which can pollute the air, contaminate water ways and damage the ozone layer. Using green cleaning products, especially for regular and large-scale commercial and industrial jobs, means there is a significant reduction in the amount of harmful chemicals in the environment.

Better Indoor Air Quality

When you sit or stand in a confined workspace for hours at a time, the last thing you want is to be overwhelmed with strong chemical odours and the potential health issues associated with them such as dizziness, nausea and a general lightheaded feeling. Chemical cleaning products can actually arouse or worsen respiratory issues which, in a confined office or industrial unit, can prove to be incredibly dangerous. Even if the chemical stench is not dangerous, it can still be incredibly unpleasant - particularly if you are exposed to it for 8-12 hours at a time. Eco-friendly cleaning products, both domestic and commercial, do not have any irritant or overpowering chemicals in and if they do have an odour it will be composed of pleasant, natural, environmentally friendly ingredients.

Improve Health and Safety

Health and safety plays a huge role in any workplace, whatever the industry. There is a lot of time, money and effort spent training people comprehensively in best practices and serious consideration is given to every last detail from the way people sit at their desks to where certain items are placed in a room. With so much energy spent on everyday health and safety, it makes sense that cleaning is considered with the same seriousness. Strong, toxic chemicals can be dangerous if ingested (purposely or accidentally) and many are an irritant to skin, even after being diluted and left for a few hours. To stop your employees and colleagues suffering from chemical related injuries and inflammations, opt for a cleaning company that uses eco-friendly cleaning products which are free from harmful substances.

As well as these more obvious benefits, using a commercial cleaning service that opts for green products can actually benefit your company in more tangible ways. Not only will you cut expenses because you won't have to replace furniture, carpet and equipment ruined by strong and harmful chemicals, but you will also be seen as a good, green role model for other companies in your sector and in the business world in general.

So get in touch with RelkoGroup today and start benefitting from our high quality, eco-friendly commercial cleaning services.