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Big City Buildings: A Different Kind of Dirt

Cleaning companies in Birmingham and other such big cities have a tougher job than most. This is not just because of the scale of buildings in urban environments, but also because big city buildings are more susceptible to a particularly difficult kind of dirt, as opposed to their rural counterparts who enjoy fresher air and wide open spaces.
So why do cleaning companies like have a bigger task cleaning big city offices than, say, rural schools? Well, let’s look at some of the root causes of the dirt and grime so characteristic of our big bustling cities.
Air Pollution

Air pollution has long been an issue for built up urban areas. Not only does it cause unpleasant living conditions, as seen in countries like Brazil and China with their heavily smog laden cities, but it can cause health and respiratory issues as well as a build-up of dust and dirt.
The tiny pollutants in smoke and smog are solid, and fall as flakes on surfaces in their wake which means buildings, roads, vehicles and even indoor surfaces get buried beneath a layer of air pollution and subsequent grime. This type of grime is particularly stubborn and difficult to get rid of, and because it is quite literally in the air, it is everywhere.
High Concentration of Population

Cities are heavily built up areas that attract scores of people for work, education and other prospects. Such a high concentration of people in a relatively small space – remembering cities build up instead of out – has a serious knock-on effect. More people will create more waste, more sewage, and more dirt produced per square metre. These same people will then be forced to live with the dirt and grime they created in the limited floor space of their city.
Scars of Industry

Whether it is contemporary power stations, abandoned industrial areas or factories from the Industrial Revolution, cities will bear the scars of industry; past, present and future. Rural hillsides have their own marks, left by extensive mining and the like, but such areas have more room to play with than cities. A factory producing billows of smoke will only serve to cloak and suffocate the city in its shadow, contributing to air pollution and the build up of dust.

Any built up area where people live and work will produce a certain amount of waste, but it is the amount produced by urban populations and the proximity in which this population has to live to landfills, sewage systems and bins waiting for collection that is the problem. In addition to littering and the like, lots of people producing lots of waste in a small space means cities become a breeding ground for grime, dirt and health risks. That is why it is vital to keep city streets and buildings as clean and tidy as possible.

The labyrinth of sewers and the amount of rodent-friendly waste produced by cities is an attractive prospect for pests. Mice and rats happily make their homes in city buildings, in areas we tend to ignore including dark corners, dirty sewers and piles of rubbish. On top of making the most of the ideal living conditions provided by our cities, pests are also used to the busy urban environment which means they are not afraid of humans and actually depend on them for survival. This makes them difficult to get rid of, so you need expert pest control as well as professional cleaning services like ours to tidy up and sanitise after removal.
Of course, each city will have its own particular kind of dirt, and some will be cleaner than others. For the most part though, cities and the buildings within them pose quite the challenge for cleaning companies like us. It is all in a day’s work though; we’ve never been afraid of a challenge, nor have we ever minded a bit of dirt.
So if you have an office or a commercial property you need sprucing up, you can rest assured that our expert and specialist cleaning services are second to none and perfect for you.