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Birmingham’s Big Clean 2015

Here at Relkogroup, we are used to looking after businesses and premises of all shapes and sizes, and we take pride in our work.
As the leading cleaning company in Birmingham, we are well aware of how busy office life can lead to neglectful housekeeping. Some days you may feel pushed for time, even just to wash the dishes in the office sink or make sure your scrap paper gets to the recycling bin.
Now, for the most part, that is absolutely fine. In fact, busy days and weeks at the office are what office cleaners are for; to keep your working environment clean, safe and sanitary when you don’t have time to.
In the spirit of the New Year though, Relkogroup want to challenge Birmingham businesses to start 2015 with a big clean.
You don’t have to worry about the exhaustive cleaning processes – you can leave that to the professionals – but you can do your best as a business to help them out.
Below, we have listed five top tips for starting off the Big Clean come 2015. Read on to see how you can prep and primp your office, ready for Relkogroup to come and shine the place up.

  • Clear the clutter

Have a general tidy up around the office, removing any obstacles and clearing surfaces of clutter and mess. If you find you have plenty of space to store things, but no sense of order, invest in some storage boxes and furniture. For the UK's finest office cleaning services be sure to click the link and get your office in shape for the new year!

  • Purge the pantry

Rid the cupboards, fridge and freezer of any unused or out of date food and drink. If it is in date but unused, donate it to a local food bank. If it is past the use by date or barely worth saving, get rid. Also, clean and sanitize the fridge.

  • Sort out the storeroom

Storerooms fill up easily over the course of a year, so sort yours out. Be sure to recycle, upcycle or donate electrical goods and office equipment that is otherwise gathering dust in the storeroom. This will not only clear out the office, but it will free up some valuable space too.

  • Have a digital and physical file fest

Have a clear out of both physical and digital files. Go through old filing cabinets, organise and streamline everything. Then turn your attention to your digital desktop. Clear out and organise your emails and put documents into folders, files or the recycling bin.
Be ruthless with remnants

When it comes to the stockpile of lost property or belongings left behind by former employees, be ruthless. Give people a clear deadline by which they need to claim their belongings, and anything left at the end of that deadline can be boxed up and donated to charity.
Now, these are just a few tips for helping with Birmingham’s Big Clean 2015. Will your business step up to the plate and make the most of the New Year with a fresh start? After all, even if you just get a bit of a head start, will do the rest.