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Blast Cleaning

Blast Cleaning

Blast Cleaning commonly incorrecly referred to as sandblasting.

Relko's Abrasive cleaning services include full range of modern blast cleaning techniques.

Relko's mobile blast teams are trained in the use of the full range of Abrasive Blast Cleaning Equipment.

Torc Cleaning

A specialist, low pressure system with a unique swirling action, when the correct blast media is used, it gives a gentle buffing action, with the addition of water at the nozzle, it gives the added benefit of being virtually dust free. The choice of the conservationists.

Shot / Grit Blasting

The idea preparation of metal structures in readiness to receive specialist anticorrosion coating. Used for removal of coating from metal and concrete.

Soda Blasting

Uses Bicarbonate of Soda, an environmentally friendly product which is soluble in water. With a hardness of 2.4 on the Mohs scale, the combination of low pressure, and unique properties of Bicarbonate Soda gives a gentle efficient cleaning action. Ideal for cleaning Aluminium, Fibreglass and smoke damaged surfaces. When soda blasting is used in a smoke damaged enviroment in addition to its cleaning properties it also has a deodorising and sanitising effect.

Variable Soft Clean Wet Blasting

Hodge Clemco's Soft Cleaning Machine enables Relko's skilled operatives to blast clean at pressures as low as 0.5bar/ 8psi, using a wide range of abrasives including micro abrasives such as calcium carbonate, giving a gentle cleaning action and the ability to clean plaster, wooden doors, furniture, stone and brickwork. The addition of water makes it an ideal tool for removing paint from stone and brickwork, without damaging the substructure, the addition of water helps to supresses the dust.

Sponge Blasting

Sponge Blasting uses a blasting media consisting of a wide range of abrasives which are captures in sponge, which gives many uniques benefits. Mainly a substantial reduction in dust produced.