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Customised Cleaning Solutions

Our daily customised cleaning solutions are tailored to meet each of our clients' requirements, on a case by case basis. Relkogroup understands that not every office or commercial premises will have the same needs, and we appreciate that you need your cleaning company to be as flexible as you are when it comes to schedules and availability.    

That is why Relkogroup has created its customised cleaning service, which companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from, for many reasons. This is not your standard cleaning service, and there are no pre-determined "package deals". We take the time to talk to you, understand what you want cleaned when, and how, and we deliver a truly customised service that is perfectly tailored to you.

In terms of flexibility, we can schedule our services to suit your needs and timetable. We can visit daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly; if you prefer, we can even make our cleaning appointment an annual one.

As well as this flexibility in schedule, we also pride ourselves on our team of expertly trained cleaners. From basic hygiene and sanitation work to large-scale and thorough deep cleans, Relkogroup delivers a fast, efficient and professional service at all times.

Not only do our cleaning specialists have years of experience working with cleaning processes and projects of all kinds, but they also have an appreciation for the way businesses work. They are aware of how precious time is to a company, and they understand the importance of cleanliness in public spaces and work environments. This ensures they complete each and every task to the highest standard, giving you one less thing to worry about.

So get in touch with Relkogroup today to find out more about our customised cleaning service and how it can help your business. Alternatively, browse our website to see what other services we offer and contact us for further information.