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Document Recovery

We all know how important it is to keep our essential personal documents and photographs safe and secure however, in the event of a natural or otherwise preventable disaster, you may end up losing documents and photographs that are irreplaceable. 

Losing irreplaceable documents and photographs will only add to the emotion and turmoil you may already be going through.

If you have fallen victim to flood or fire damage taking prompt action is vital, specialist techniques can be implemented to stabilise, restore and recover your documents.

Here at Relkogroup, we can provide an effective document recovery service to assist you when your documents have been damaged from high humidity, mould, water damage or even fire and smoke damage.  So that you can continue with your life safe in the knowledge that your documents are in safe hands.

Although our document recovery service is based in Birmingham, it is available throughout the UK. For more information on our specialised services, or to discuss your individual requirements, please visit the Relkogroup contact us page and fill out our short enquiry form. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us directly by calling the fire and flood department on 0800 014 2975.