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Odour Removal

Home remedies and store bought treatments are often ineffective when it comes to odours; they tend to merely cover the offending odour rather than identify and eradicate it. For proper odour removal, you will need to invest in comprehensive and specialist services.

Here at Relkogroup, our odour removal team works to assess and identify the cause of troublesome odours, in addition to providing advice and carrying out effective methods of odour removal.


Our experienced odour removal specialists can successfully identify the source of an odour, and implement the most suitable method or methods of removal. Some of the methods we employ include thermal fogging, high pressure misting, active enzymes and suppression spraying. Ultimately though, we will tailor a safe and effective solution to suit your specific needs.

Relkogroup has many years’ experience and each of our specialists is trained extensively in order to provide you with the best service in a safe and timely manner. In addition to removing the offending odour, our specialists will also take the necessary steps to prevent odours returning in the future, leaving you with a fresh and pleasant environment. To give you extra peace of mind, we will even offer advice on how to prevent and manage odours.

If your business premises or property is suffering from a troublesome odour, contact the team here at Relkogroup and ask about our odour removal services in Birmingham and the rest of the UK. Whether you need specialist advice or professional odour removal, Relkogroup can help.