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Modern Practical Masonry

First published in 1929, and lastly in 1953, this is widely reported as the standard work on masonry and the construction of building in stone and is a valuable reference book for students, professionals, peratives and contractors alike.    

The book aims to increase the craft knowledge amongst masonry apprentices, and for the assistance of all who are actively connected with architectural and civil engineering masonry construction.

This work is the result of the author's practical experience in the various branches of the craft, combined with several years comprehensive teaching of the subject. The writer has endeavoured to explain in a direct and simple manner the art of modern practical masonry and to illustrate by means of clear line drawings and photographs, the adaptation of masonry construction to suit modern building techniques. The information contained in the publication should also be of assistance to architects, structural engineers, civil engineers, surveyors, builders, building technicians and teachers of building subjects.

This publication provides, to quote from the foreword, "for the craftsman and builder, a reasonably comprehensive treatise on modern mason's work, in which all the sections of the work of the craft receive due attention. It is recognised also that good masonry has a definite relation to good architecture, and that the architect will have a legitimate interest in this work. Readers interested in design and construction from the point of view of professional practice should therefore, find much in this work which is of personal interest, and is likely also to be helpful to them in the solution of constructional and geometrical problems which may arise in relation to their private practise and personal work."