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Publications on Natural Stone

Readily available British publications related to natural stone and its use today.

Note: This list does not include Health & Safety issues

Published September 2004 Revised June 2006

To download the following publication list in .PDF format please click here:

Publications on Natural Stone.pdf


Building Research Establishment Publications

Clarke, BL and Ashurst, J (1972) Stone Preservation Experiments 

Schaffer, RJ (1931, 1972 reprinted by Don Head) 
The weathering of natural building stones

Building Research Information Papers

BRE IP 17/98 Lightweight veneer stone cladding panels 
BRE IP 18/98 Stone cladding panels; in situ weathering 
BRE IP 9/99 Cleaning exterior masonry - Retreatment assessment of a stone building 
BRE IP 10/99 Cleaning exterior masonry - Assessing cleaning of a brick built Church 
BRE IP 10/00 Flooring, paving and setts - Requirements for safety in use 

Building Research Establishment Reports

Hart, D (1988) The building magnesium limestones of the British Isles BR 134 
Hart, D (1990) The building slates of the British Isles BR 195 
Honeyborne DB (1982) The building limestones of France 
Leary, E (1986) The building sandstones of the British Isles BR 84 
Leary, E (1983 reprinted with corrections 1989) The building limestones of the British Isles. SO 36 
Ross, K and Butlin, RN (1989) Durability tests for building stone BR 141

Building Research Establishment Digests

No 177 Decay and conservation of stone masonry 
No 217 Wall cladding defects and their diagnosis 
No 223 Wall cladding: designing to minimise defects due to inaccuracies and movements 
No 227 Estimation of thermal and moisture movements and stresses: part 1 
No 228 Estimation of thermal and moisture movements and stresses: part 2 
No 229 Estimation of thermal and moisture movements and stresses: part 3 
No 280 Cleaning external surfaces of buildings 
No 370 Control of lichens, moulds and similar growths 
No 418 Bird, bee and plant damage to buildings 
No 420 Selecting natural building stone

Full details appear in the BRE Publications catalogue available from: CRC (Construction Research Communications), 33-39 Bowling Green Lane, London EC1R 0DA, tel: 020 7837 1212, fax: 020 7833 9563

Construction Industry Publications

Ashurst, J & Dimes, FG. Stone in building - its use and potential today 1977 (reprinted by Stone Federation 1984), ref TC/PB/76 
Available from CIP Ltd, c/o BTB Mailflight Ltd, 2B Viking Industrial Estate, Hudson Road, Bedford MK41 0QB.. Tel: 0870 078 4400 Fax:0870 078 4401 email:

QMJ Publishing Ltd

Natural Stone Directory 
Natural Stone Specialist Magazine (published monthly) 
Available from: QMJ Publishing Ltd, 7 Regent Street, Nottingham, NG1 5BS tel: 0115 945 3886 fax: 0115 9415685 email: | web:

Stone Federation GB Publications

Natural Stone Flooring 
Code of practice for the design and installation of internal flooring: 2005 
Code of practice for the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of natural stone kitchen worktops - Including reception desks, counter tops and other similar horizontal and associated vertical surfaces for use in domestic and commercial situations: 2005 
Warland, EG. Modern practical masonry Pitman Books Ltd, 1953 (reprinted by Stone Federation) Stone Specifiers' Guide - The Stone Federation Handbook & Director of Members 
Natural Stone Glossary

Stone Federation GB Leaflets

(currently under review subject to availability)
Fixings for stone cladding (TI.1.91) 
Mortar and pointing (TD.2.96) 
Damp-proof courses in stone work (TD.3.91) 
Considerations to reduce staining on natural stone facades (TD.4.91) 
Stone sett paving (TD.5.91) 
Sealing joints in natural stone (TD.7.95) 
Stone in civil engineering (TD.6.91) 
Care and maintenance of stone in buildings for building owners (TI.3.93) 
Guide to external stone masonry and cladding tolerances (TD.9.93) 
Movement joints in natural stonework (TD.11.95) 
Stone cleaning and surface repair 
Stone Walling Restoration 
Info Sheet - DS1/01/06 - Technical advice note on:- 
BS EN 12057: 2004 Natural Stone Products - Modular Tiles - Requirements 
BS EN 12058: 21004 Natural Stone Products - Slabs for Floors and Stairs - Requirements 
BS EN 1469: 2004 Natural Stone Products - Slabs for Cladding - Requirements 
Info Sheet - DS2/01/06 - CE Marking of Natural Stone Products & the Construction Products Directive
Info Sheet - DS3/05/03 - Testing 
Info Sheet - DS4/07/06 - CDM - Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 
Info Sheet - DS5/05/03 - Stone Samples 
All available from: 
Stone Federation Great Britain, 
Channel Business Centre, Ingles Manor, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone, Kent 
CT20 2RD tel: 01303 856 123, fax: 01303 856117

British Standards

BS680 Roofing slates (part 2: Metric Units) 
BS3798 Coping units (of clayware, unreinforced cast concrete, unreinforced cast stone, natural stone and slate 
BS4551 Methods of testing mortars, screeds and plasters 
BS5080 Methods of test of structural fixings in concrete and masonry (Part 1: Tensile loading) 
BS5080 Methods of test of structural fixings in concrete and masonry (Part 2: Loading in Shear) 
BS5385 Wall and floor tiling 
Part 1 Code of practice for the design and installation of internal ceramic and natural stone wall tiling and mosaics in normal conditions 
Part 4 Code of practice for tiling and mosaics in specific conditions 
Part 5 Code of practice for the design and installation of terrazzo, natural stone and composition block flooring 
BS5534 Code of practice for slating and tiling (Part 1: Design) 
BS5606 Guide to accuracy in building 
BS5628 Code of practice for use of masonry (Part 1: Structural use of unreinforced masonry) 
BS5628 Code of practice for use of masonry (Part 3: Materials and Components, Design and Workmanship) 
BS1996 Eurocode 6 - Design of masonry structures - Part 1-1: General rules for reinforced and unreinforced masonry structures 
BS5642 Sills and copings (Part 1: Specification for window sills of precast concrete, cast stone, clayware, slate and natural stone) 
BS5642 Sills and copings (Part 2: Specification for copings of precast concrete, cast stone, clayware, slate and natural stone) BS5889 Silicone based building sealants 
BS6093 Code of practice for design of joints and jointing in building construction 
BS6100 Glossary of building and civil engineering terms Part 5: Masonry section 5.1 Terms common 5.2 Stone 
BS6213 Guide to selection of constructional sealants
BS6477 Water repellents for masonry surfaces 
BS 7533 Pavements constructed with clay, natural stone or concrete pavers. 
Part 4 Code of practice for the construction of pavements of precast concrete flags or natural stone slabs 
Part 7 Code of practice for the construction of pavements of natural stone setts and cobbles 
Part 10 Guide for the structural design of trafficked pavements constructed of natural stone setts 
Part 12 (draft) Guide for the structural designs of trafficked pavements constructed of natural stone slabs and concrete paving slabs 
BS8000 Workmanship on building sites: Part 6 Code of practice for slating and tiling of roofs and cladding Part 11 Code of practice for wall and floor tiling- section 11.2: Natural stone 
BS8200 Design of non-loadbearing external vertical enclosures of buildings 
BS8221-1 Cleaning of natural stone, brick, terracotta & Concrete 
BS8221-2 Surface repair of natural stone, brick & terracotta 
BS8298 Design and installation of natural stone cladding and lining 
BS EN 771-6 Specification for masonry units. Part 6 Natural stone masonry units 
BS EN 845-1+ DD 140 Specification for metal ties for cavity wall construction 
BS EN 1341: 2000 (E) Slabs of natural stone for external paving - Requirements and test methods 
BS EN 1342: 2000 (E) Setts of natural stone for external paving - Requirements and test methods 
BS EN 1343: 2000 (E) Kerbs of natural stone for external paving - Requirements and test methods
BS EN 1467 Natural stone - rough blocks 
BS EN 1468 Natural stone - rough slabs 
BS EN 1469 Natural stone products - slabs for cladding 
BS EN 12057 Natural stone products - modular tiles 
BS EN 12058 Natural stone products - slabs for floors and stairs 
BS EN 12059: 2008 natural stone products - Dimensional stone work - Requirements

Natural stone test methods - 
BS EN 1925 Determination of water absorption coefficient by capillarity 
BS EN 1936 Determination of seal and apparent density and of total opening porosity 
BS EN 12370 Determination of resistance to salt crystallization 
BS EN 12371 Determination of frost resistance 
BS EN 12372 Determination of flexural strength under concentrated load 
BS EN 12407 Petrographic examination 
BS EN 12440 Natural stone - denomination criteria 
BS EN 12670 Natural stone - terminology 
BS EN 13161 Determination of flexural strength under constant movement 
BS EN 13364 Determination of breaking load at dowel hole 
BS EN 13373 Determination of geometric characteristics 
BS EN 13755 Determination of water absorption at atmospheric pressure 
BS EN 13888 Grouts for tiles 
BS EN 13919 Resistance to ageing by SO2 action
BS EN 14066 Resistance to ageing by thermal shock 
BS EN 14147 Resistance to ageing by salt mist 
BS EN 14157 Determination of abrasion resistance 
BS EN 14205 Determination of Knoop hardness 
BS EN 14231 Slip resistance by pendulum 
BS EN 14580 Determination of static elastic modulus 
PD 6484 Corrosion at bimetallic contacts

All British Standards are obtainable from: British Standards Institution, Customer Services Publications, 389 Chiswick High Road, London W4 4AL, tel: 020 8996 9000, fax: 020 896 7400.

Complete sets are kept at certain libraries throughout the country and your local library should be able to tell you where. (Note: SFGB Members receive a substantial discount on BSI publications purchased through: CIP Ltd, c/o BTB Mailflight Ltd, 2B Viking Industrial Estate, Hudson Road, Bedford MK41 0QB.. Tel: 0870 078 4400 Fax:0870 078 4401 email:


Centre for Window & Cladding Technology Publications

Standard and guide to good practice for curtain walling. 
A guide to the selection & testing of stone panels for external use (1997) 
Performance and testing of fixings for thin stone cladding 
Available from: Centre for Window & Cladding Technology, University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AY, tel: 01225 826541, fax 01225 826556,

Steel Construction Institute Publications

Design of stainless steel fixings and ancillary components 
Concise guide to the structural design of stainless steel 
Available from: Steel Construction Institute, Silwood Park, Ascot, Berks SL5 7QN tel: 01344 23345

Lead Sheet Association Publications

Volume 1 Lead sheet flashings 
Volume 3 Lead sheet weatherings 
Obtainable from: Lead Sheet Association, Hawkwell Business Centre, Maidstone Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 4AH tel: 01892 822773

CIRIA Special Publications

No 80: 1991 Manual of good practice in sealant application 
No 87: 1992 Wall Technology Volumes B Load bearing small units Part 3 stone 
Available from: Construction Industry Research and Information Association, 6 Storey's Gate, Westminster, London SW1P 3AU tel: 020 7222 8891, fax: 020 7222 1708

Construction Fixings Associated Publications

Anchor selection 
Procedure for site testing construction fixings 
Introduction to bonded anchors 
Heavy duty expansion anchors 
ETAG for construction fixings 
Available from: tel: 0114 2663084, fax: 0114 2670910

Donhead Publications

Webster R G M. (ed) 
Stone cleaning and the nature, soiling and decay mechanisms of stone 

Pearson G 
Conservation of clay and chalk buildings 

Ashurst N 
Cleaning Historic Buildings 
Vol 1 Substrates Soiling and Investigation 
Vol 2 Cleaning Materials and Processes 
Hill R P and David J C E 
Practical Stone Masonry 
J. Allen Howe (reprinted) The Geology of Building Stones 
A.D Cowper 
Lime & Lime Mortars 
L.J. Vicat (reprinted) 
Mortars & Cements 
C.W. Pasley (reprinted) 
Observations on Limes 
R.J. Schaffer (reprinted) 
The Weathering of Natural Building Stones 
English Heritage 
Directory of Building Limes 
English Heritage
Directory of Building Sands & Aggregates 
B.J. Smith & P.A. Worke 
Processes of Urban Stone Decay 
B.J. Smith & A.V Turkington 
Stone Decay its Causes & Controls 
Hydraulic Lime Mortar

Butterworth - Heinemann

Ashurst J and Dimes F G (1990) 
Conservation of building and decorative stones 
Butterworth-Heinemann, London 
Butlin R N and Ros K D (1992) 
Stone in Construction Materials Reference Book (editor: Doran DK) 
Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford 
Mills E 
Building Maintenance and Preservation 
Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford 
F.G.H. Blyth & M. H. de Freitas 
A Geology for Engineers

The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings

Outward Learning Walls 
Pointing Stone and Brick Walling 
The Need for Old Buildings to "Breathe" 
The Control of Damp in Old Buildings 
Removing Pointing from Old Buildings 
First Aid Repairs to Traditional Farm Buildings 
Tuck Pointing in Practice 
An Introduction to Building Limes 
Rough-Cast for Historic Buildings 
All obtainable from: The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, 37 Spital Square, London E1 6DY tel: 020 7377 1644

Gower Technical Press

Ashurst J and Ashurst N 
Practical Building Conservation Vol 1 Stone Masonry 
Practical Building Conservation Vol 3 Mortars Plasters and Renders 
English Heritage Technical Handbook 
Gower Technical Press, Aldershot

McGraw Hill

David Dernie 
New Stone Architecture

The MIT Press

Moshen Mostafavi & David Leatherbarrow 
On Weathering The life of Buildings in Time


Michael D.Lewis 
Modern Stone Cladding

John Wiley & Sons, INC.

Mark A. Charcon 
Architectural Stone

Gibbs Smith

Michael Reis & Jennifer Adams 
Stone Style

W. W. Norton & Company

Donald Friedman 
Historical Building Construction


Clifton Taylor & Ireson AS 
English Stone Buildings Victor Gollancz 
Burton M (Ed) 
Designing with Stone Ealing Publications Ltd 
Simpson I M and Broadhurst F H (1975) 
Building stones guide to central Manchester 
Dept Extra Mural Studies, University of Manchester 
Crane T (1979) 
Newcastle Stone Ealing Publications Ltd 
Edinburgh Geo. Soc. (1999) 
Building Stone of Edinburgh 
Heyman J (1995) 
The Stone Skeleton, Cambridge U. Press 
Scard M A (1990) 
Building Stone of Shropshire, Sawn Hill Press 
Lawrence M (1994) 
Step by step outdoor stonework, New Holland 
Muir R (1986) The stone of Britain, Michael Joseph 
Maude T (1997) Guided by a stonemason, IB Tavis Publishers 
Geological Soc. (1999) 
Stone: Building stone, rock fill and armour stone in construction 
Studio Marmo/Fred Bradley (1998) 
Natural Stone - A guide to selection 
Obtainable from: W W Norton & Co 
E.M. Winkler 
Stone in Architecture 
Published by Springer 
D. Parsons 
Stone Quarrying & Building in England AD43 - 1525 
Published by Phillimore 
R. Muir 
The Stone of Britain 
Published by Michael Joseph 
A. Clifton Taylor 
Pattern of English Building 
Published by Batsford 
W.R. Purchase 
Practical Masonry 
Published by Attic (reprinted) 
R. Pepperell 
Stone Detailing 
Published by Attic 
J. Ashurst 
Mortars, Plasters & Renders in Conservation (2nd Edition) 
Published by EASA (Ecclesiastical Architects & Surveyors Association) The Porphry Manual 
Roches De France - Summary of French Stones 
Jacques Dubarry De Lassale - Identifying Marble 
Natural Stone Surfacing - Good Practical Guide 
Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS)

English Heritage

English Heritage Research Transactions 
Volume 2 Stone 
Volume 9 Stone Roofing
Published by James & James

Historic Scotland

TAN1 Preparations & use of Lime Mortars 
TAN9 Stone Cleaning of Granite Buildings 
TAN10 Biological Growths on Sandstone Buildings - Control & Treatment 
TAN12 Quarries of Scotland 
TAN18 Treatment of Graffiti on Historical Surfaces 
TAN20 Corrosion in Masonry Clad Early Twentieth Century Steel Framed Buildings 
TAN21 Scottish Slate Quarries 
TAN25 Maintenance & Repair of Cleaned Stone Buildings 
Mortars in Historic Buildings 
Consequences of Past Stone Cleaning 
Scottish Roofing Slates 
Chemical Consolidates & Water Repellents for Sandstones in Scotland 
Performance of Replacement Sandstone in Edinburgh New Town 
Stone Cleaning - A Practitioners Guide 
Historic Scotland, Longmire House, Salisbury Place, Edinburgh, EH9 1SH Tel: 0131 668 8638

Thomas Telford Publications

Wilson M and Harrison P 
Appraisal and repair of claddings and fixings 
BTCV Enterprises Ltd 
Dry Stone Walling - A Practical Handbook

Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain Booklets

Building and repairing dry stone walls 
Better dry stone walling 
A brief guild to the inspection of dry stone walling work 
Specification for simple retaining walls 
Technical specification for dry stone walls 
Building special features in dry stone walling. 
Available from: Secretary, Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain, c/o YFC Centre, National Agricultural Centre, Stoplight Park, Works CV8 2LG tell: 0121 378 0493

Building Stone Resources of United Kingdom Map

British Geological Survey, Kingsley Dunham Centre, Key worth, Nottingham NG12 5GG

Awaiting publication

Stone for Building: Selection for Engineering 
Published by: Spoon Press