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Natural Stone Restoration

Natural stone is an attractive material for buildings of any shape, size or purpose. Across the UK, areas are defined by their distinctive natural stonework, from Welsh granite to Cotswold limestone and Midland sandstone.     

With so many of our natural stone buildings being built over centuries though, upkeep and repair is becoming more urgent. Decaying stonework can ruin the aesthetic of a building and threaten its structural integrity, but it can be repaired and replaced by experienced specialists like those at Relkogroup.

Our professionals are not only experienced and knowledgeable, but they are also skilled craftsmen who understand how to both repair and reproduce worked stone, so that it matches the existing stonework seamlessly. We can carry out the same level of quality work on plain ashlar block, detailed moulding and carved work, or letter cutting.

The existing stone is first examined closely, in order to determine the type of stone used. Where possible, replacement stone is sourced from the original quarry. So that the decaying and crumbling stone can be recovered in the workshop, for later site fixing, the team take accurate dimensions and profiles of the site.

The natural stone restoration process requires specialist knowledge, patience and expertise, but the end result is worth it. Here at Relkogroup we work to deliver both quality service and quality results. Our natural stone restoration service is a cost and time-effective solution, and it provides our clients with safe and attractive natural stone structures. For examples, please see the Case Studies section of our website.

Alternatively, if you would like to know more about Relkogroup's natural stone restoration and other masonry services, you can get in touch via our Contact Us page or by calling 0800 014 2972. We are always happy to help, whatever way we can. 

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