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Paint Removal

Many commercial and domestic buildings boast wonderful timber and masonry work. Unfortunately, much of this is hidden under various coats of paint that have accumulated over the years. Here at Relkogroup, we offer a range of effective paint removal services and related solutions to help you get your property back to its natural state.    

Our patented Stonehealth Doff steam system is capable of removing years' worth of old coatings from masonry. In fact, combined with chemical softeners, this system can remove several top layers to expose and restore the natural masonry underneath.

We have extensive experience dealing with paint removal from both masonry and timber surfaces. Using fully variable controlled sandblasting, including low pressure sandblasting, our specialists can clean, render and restore even the most delicate of surfaces.

Our portfolio covers all manner of projects, ranging from large-scale masonry jobs to smaller-scale timber structures, and everything in between.

On our Case Studies page you can find a number of Relkogroup's previous projects, offering a greater insight into our work. One notable example is the White Hart Hotel in Chipping Norton, where our team managed to restore the building to its former, unpainted glory. We worked in conjunction with the Conservation Officer and took the time to sample trial areas, as a means of determining the best solution for an individual case.

Having removed paint from masonry and timber structures of every shape and size, with some dating all the way back to 1410 AD, Relkogroup has perfected its processes and we continue to provide great service and results.

Not only is our team equipped with state of the art gear, developed by brands like Torc and Hodge Clemco Soft Clean; they are also highly knowledgeable, with extensive experience in paint removal and related services. As such, the Relkogroup paint removal specialists consistently deliver high quality service and results.

If you have masonry or timber covered or damaged by paint, get in touch with Relkogroup today and find out how our paint removal experts can help.