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Remedial Structural Lintel Support

Brickwork Support Inserting Stainless Steel Chanel Support Bars

  • The Relko 3608 Lintel support system is used to enhance the load bearing capabilities of brickwork above an opening or where the original lintel has failed under load or has been omitted during construction.
  • The sliding friction hangers are located in the stainless channel within the prepared bed joint prior to being resin fixed into the prepared joints using Relko GP3 resin.
  • Grade A2 stainless steel channel section specially designed to fit within masonry bed joints, together with integral polypropylene sliding friction hangers and Relko GP3 two part polyester resin.
  • The support system is complemented where necessary by the addition of Grade 304 stainless steel reinforcing rods embedded in two part polyester resin in brick course above.



Installation is straightforward:-

  • The first course above the window and a secondary course are raked out using specialist cutting equipment fitted with dust extraction system.
  • The position of the courses are calculated by our engineers.
  • The cut out grooves are cleaned out and blown free of dust and Relko SF resin is injected into the opened joint.
  • The 3608 Lintel system is then placed into the joint with hangers located to the perp joints.
  • A second bead of Relko SF resin is injected over the placed 3608 lintel and the joint is mortar pointed over the top to match the surrounding.
  • The job can be completed quickly with the minimum amount of inconvenience to the occupiers.