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Stone Brickwork Alterations and Rebuilding

Stone and brickwork alterations are evermore common on buildings of all shapes and sizes. This is because buildings evolve over time. Sometimes this evolution is in terms of its purpose, with a once residential building becoming commercial, or vice versa. However, this evolution can also be physical, with sturdy brick and stone buildings undergoing a number of both minor and dramatic alterations.    

When a brick building's use changes, it is often subjected to things like infilling, extensions, and the formation of doors, windows and similar openings. In some cases, these buildings will undergo a complete renovation, or parts will be demolished and rebuilt. In the wrong hands, though, such extensive work can take a toll on even the sturdiest of structures.

Here at Relkogroup, we have the experience and expertise to not only renovate your property, but also to restore it. From decaying masonry in need of repair, specialist restoration work that needs doing or alterations that need to be made to the existing structure; are all challenging tasks. Relkogroup is well-equipped to complete all of them to the highest of standards.

We carefully inspect areas of loose or unstable masonry, in order to assess its stability and its suitability for reuse. We then record and catalogue each section as we dismantle it, before storing it securely ready for the rebuild. We then find matching new materials to use alongside the original masonry, before proceeding with the building work.

Each project is worked on an individual basis, and we ensure the structure is strong, safe and secure by using structural engineering designs where applicable. This kind of precision and attention to detail is what sets our alteration and rebuilding projects apart. To see examples of our past work, browse the Case Studies section of our site.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with the team here at Relkogroup to discuss your specific needs and options. We look forward to hearing from you.