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LPG and Safety

Used correctly, LPG is a safe product. However, being a combustible fuel we must recognize the potential dangers it can present and minimize the risk to our customers, employees and the wider public alike.    

We never take safety for granted, and encourage our customers to take a similar approach. We would therefore encourage anyone using LPG to read through our Safety and Technical Guide, and consider your approach to safety.

This guide is designed to give customers an easily accessible guide to LPG and how best to manage it, from dealers storing and transporting large quantities of LPG to domestic users with a bulk supply, or even just a cylinder for a barbecue (BBQ).

Please take the time to look though this section and familiarise yourself with its contents. While it covers all the basic safety advice you might normally require, it is not a complete and authoritative representation of the law. If you require more detailed technical information please contact us and our techincal team will be happy to help.