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Tool Repair Service

At Relkogroup we offer a professional and affordable tool service and repair facility. We ensure that our service and repairs cover all aspects of your tools, such as our petrol generator service and repair utility where we clean the fuel tank, the carburettors, the cylinders and ensure that it is working to its full power once again. Our tool service and repair facility stretches to all kinds of professional equipment, including disc cutters, lawnmowers and chainsaws. Whenever you're working, you need your tools and equipment to be in perfect working order, and it can be with the Relko service and repair utility.




Petrol Generator Full Service

  1. Fuel Tank cleanedPetrol Generator Full Service
  2. Carburettor drained and cleaned
  3. Cylinder compression checked
  4. New spark plug fitted
  5. Cylinder fins cleaned to improve cooling
  6. Engine oil drained and refilled
  7. Starter recoil spring checked and oiled
  8. New pull start cord fitted
  9. Alternator/engine fan condition checked
  10. All bolts checked and retightened
  11. New main filter fitted
  12. 240/110v plugs checked
  13. Engine rpm checked and adjusted
  14. Alternator voltages checked and adjusted
  15. Engine rubber mounts checked
  16. All moving linkages oiled
  17. Machine cleaned and checked under load

From £46.75 + VAT

Stihl Ts400 Disc Cutter Full Service

  1. Fuel tank cleaned2 Main Cylinder compression TestedStihl Ts400 Disc Cutter Full Service
  2. New spark plug fitted
  3. Drive Belt condition checked and adjusted
  4. Cylinder cooling fins checked and cleaned
  5. New main, Pre panel and sponge filter Fitted
  6. Starter recoil spring condition checked
  7. New Pull cord fitted to starter mechanism
  8. Engine rubber mounts checked for wear
  9. Exhaust spark arrestor condition checked
  10. Front Blade flange operation checked
  11. All bolts checked and re-tightened
  12. Throttle trigger and lock operation checked
  13. Carburetor checked and adjusted
  14. Front Spindle speed checked and adjusted
  15. Machine operation checked under load
  16. Machine cleaned

From £58.95 + VAT

Chainsaw Full Service

  1. Fuel filter replaced
  2. Fuel tank drained
  3. Cylinder compression checked
  4. Cylinder fins cleaned to improve cooling
  5. New spark plug fittedChainsaw Full Service
  6. Air filter cleaned or replaced due to type
  7. Chain lube tank drained and refilled
  8. Throttle trigger / safety switch checked
  9. On/off switch operation checked
  10. Chain lube operation checked
  11. Carburettor checked and adjusted
  12. Guide bar checked, cleaned and deburred
  13. Exhaust spark arrestor condition checked
  14. Engine rubber mounts checked
  15. Chain checked for wear and sharpness
  16. Engine rpm checked and adjusted
  17. Machine checked under load
  18. Machine cleaned

From £48.95 + VAT