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Cleaning Fairy

There are so many things we tend to throw away in life without even thinking twice, because of a stain or because we think it's had its day. Mostly because we cannot be bothered to even attempt to fix the problem as it will be time-consuming and would probably be a headache at the same time.

Little do we know that it takes a mere few minutes for most things and did it even occur to us that we might be doing things the wrong way, anyway?

Below, we have listed some popular items that are waved goodbye to daily, due to pure laziness. We've also given you some tips and tricks on how to restore them whilst saving money. Click here for more infomation on our line of services.


Why is it that we give up on our trusty old irons as soon as we burn something with them, that then transfers its black melted gunk onto that pristine white shirt? Well, no more, as there is a solution to this. Place a tea towel onto the ironing board and scatter salt on top of it. Switch your steam setting to off and iron over the salt, the dirt will stick to the salts, leaving you with a clean iron surface in the process.


Probably one of those things that we don't notice until it gets really bad, but ever seen what hard water can do to your taps and showerheads? Tricky to remove right? Try leaving the showerhead soaked in white vinegar and watch it sparkle when it comes out! Having a water softener installed can also help prevent any future build up.

Makeup Brushes

For those of you who wear makeup, do you regularly wash those brushes? Think about it, they are used and applied to your face almost every day so imagine the amount of germs and bacteria that are crawling in between those bristles? Clean your makeup brushes regularly, in fact, anything that is applied to your face or body. Now you know why you always get those random break outs.


We give up on mugs and chuck them away when they start showing those marks and stains in the bottom of the cup. But did you know, soaking mugs overnight in hot water and scrubbing with a baking soda paste will clear them out and have them sparkling in no time?

Tile Grime

Mildew, the bane of your life and the most disgusting chore there probably is. Is there a way to get rid of this atrocity? Yes, there is. Start by mixing baking soda with bleach and applying onto the affected areas with a toothbrush and scrub away.

Here, at, we are pretty certain you like all things clean and germ-free, as do we. We offer a customised commercial cleaning and support service in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall and West Midland areas, for those bigger, harder to clean items. Give us a call today to arrange your free quotation.