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Common Causes of Office Fires

Since more and more people are working in offices, it's important to ensure the correct fire safety measures are put into place. Below we have compiled a few common causes of office fires and what can be done to reduce the likelihood of a fire.

Defective Electronics

This can mean anything from a loose wire to an overloaded plug socket; however, both of these situations can cause a nasty fire if not dealt with properly. To help prevent a fire that has been caused because of defective or faulty electrics, it may be worth having a regular inspection of all of the plug sockets and wires. You could do this at the end of every week or month and if you notice anything that looks dangerous, for example an exposed live wire, it is advised to deal with it quickly and appropriately.

Accidental Damage

Everyone has accidents and there's no way to avoid this, however, it is important that you and your colleagues know how to prevent accidents before they happen. For example, if you see an open bottle of water on the windowsill above the main plug socket, you should move it out the way in case someone knocks it over and it spills over the wires and plugs. One way you could help to avoid this issue is to introduce fire safety training for your staff to make them aware of the dangers.

Electrical Negligence

Going back to electrics now, negligence is a common cause of fires; if you fail to look after your equipment, such as leaving a laptop on a sofa for hours on end, you run the risk of it overheating. You should take care of your equipment and perhaps introduce a few training sessions to show employees how to reduce the risk of a fire by being careful with the electrics you have provided them with.

In addition, you should make sure that all flammable items are stored properly and away from electrical equipment to help prevent the spread of fire if one occurs.

These are just 3 common causes of office fires and how you can help to prevent them in the office. If your office or property has been the victim of a fire and you need help restoring your residence, we here at Relko Group can help you to find your feet. As part of our fire and flood restoration service, we make our fire and smoke damage restoration facilities available to people all across the UK. If you'd like to enquire or you have any questions about our services, please get in touch today through our ‘Contact Us' page.