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Connected 21st Century Kids

Relko Group's range of active and work wear is certainly impressive, but it is our new range of wearable iGlove technology that is taking centre stage at present – and for good reason.
In particular, we offer a range of iGlove products for children and teens; after all, if there was ever a demographic that relied on connectivity to function, that is it.
Our iGlove products are superb for kids of all ages, with an endless list of benefits. However, to give you some perspective on why this innovative technology is so good for the younger generation, here are just three of the reasons iGlove products are ideal for keeping the 21st century connected.

Parents, guardians and teachers alike will all understand the importance of keeping youngsters safe. Children and teens enjoy relative freedom and independence, but giving them the space can be nerve-wracking for the adults left behind to worry.
Of course, most children have a mobile phone from an early age for safety reasons, should they ever need to get in touch in an emergency. However, with ownership of a mobile phone comes a certain level of responsibility and risk.
Walking and talking on a mobile phone can act as an advertisement to those looking for an opportunity to make easy money. With the clever integrated design of iGlove Hear Muffs though, children can hear phone calls without making a show of it; they will appear to have nothing more than warm accessories. Similarly, the iGlove allows them to text and use their phone without the very obvious fuss of removing gloves each and every time, which can attract the wrong kind of attention.
We all know that youngsters are all but glued to their touchscreen devices, which can be an issue in the cold weather when little hands sacrifice themselves for the sake of constant texting and status updates. With the iGlove though, there is no need to subject little hands and fingers to the cold because they can work the device, without pause and without removing any outerwear.

Kids and teens are more than happy to brave the cold outdoors in the name of fun and exploration. To really make the most of their outdoor adventures though, they need to be comfortable. Now, wearable technology may inspire images of wires and metal plates, but that is simply not the case with the iGlove.
The iGlove is an all-rounder when it comes to comfort. Not only does it help keep you warm, but the material is soft and woven in such a way that it is comfortable to wear, and the technology element is hardly noticeable.
The knitted material used in the iGlove is actually an extraordinary blend of smart technology and durable, comfortable fabric. The result is wearable material that keeps kids of all ages warm, connected and barely aware of the barely there tech. This is ideal for acting as a barrier between sensitive young skin and the brutally cold outdoors, keeping users warm and cosy as well as ready for anything the great outdoors or smart device throws at them.  

Today’s younger generation want (and need) to stay connected, at all times. They need to stay up to the minute with their friends and peers, they need to be easily reached by their parents, and they want constant access to music, games and social media.
And just how do they do that, whilst staying wrapped up and practical at the same time? With the iGlove range of accessories, of course; in particular, the Hear Muffs and iGlove touchscreen gloves, which you can see here.
Naturally, connectivity is likely to be the iGloves’ most attractive feature for younger individuals because they are part of the always-connected, always-mobile generation. So the fact that iGlove keeps kids connected all the time is a big deal. They can text, update statuses and take or make calls on the go without having to contract frostbite or stop the fun of outdoor play. And you can rest assured they are kept safe, warm and available at the touch of a button; it is a win/win situation for all.
Of course, these are just three of the reasons you and the youngster in your life will love all that iGlove has to offer. The whole range is 21st century approved because the products look good, sound good and work superbly. For more, check out our website and browse through our range of iGlove products.