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DIY Desk Cleaning: Quick Tips

A tidy desk is generally a busy and productive one. As one of the top office cleaners in Birmingham and the UK, we have seen offices of all shapes and sizes, and desks in all states. Even those who have their office professionally cleaned on a weekly basis can suffer from a slight build-up of dirt and dust.
That is why it is so important to keep on top of your personal workspace between deeper cleans. You don’t have to go all-out and spring clean your desk every other night, you just need an on-desk cleaning kit that you can turn to as and when you need to.
The items you put in your cleaning kit will depend on your desk, your needs and the problems your office faces (i.e. some offices suffer more from greasy fingerprints than dust build-up). To get you started though, here are five tips, tricks and items to keep in mind when you are planning your DIY desk clean.
Disinfectant wipes
A packet, a tub or a tube of disinfectant wipes will become your best friend. One pack should be enough to keep you going for a while, and you can use them for just about anything. You can give your desk surfaces a once-over at the end of every day, dab up your spilled coffee or generally keep your workspace clean, fresh and germ-free.
Go clutter-free

Whether it is magazine files, trays, a set of drawers or a practical but decorative desktop box; make sure you have plenty of usable storage space and get everything off the desk and into designated places. The desktop will look cleaner, feel more spacious and come across as a more professional zone.
Plastic bag stash

It might be that you are having a mammoth clear out and need to transport the bucket loads of recycling and shredding you have, or it could be that you just like to clear out your own bin on a regular basis. Whatever it is, bags are always a useful tool.
Sensible on desk items

Be sensible with your on desk items. Avoid clutter and don’t let rubbish build up. A half empty can of coke is likely to get knocked over, and the contents will spill. Whether that is over your nice clean white shirt or all over your very fragile computing equipment; that last swig could make, break or ruin your day.
Multi-purpose cloths

Cloths, particularly the lint-free or eyeglass cleaning kind, are superb for a multitude of purposes. Add a dash of white vinegar and water to clean your screen, or cover your keyboard with a cloth at the end of every day to protect it and reduce dust build-up. For extra desk cleaning, use a toothbrush and q-tips for the keyboard, a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol for the mouse, and a coffee filter or dryer sheet for a dry and dusty screen.
These five ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. For more tips, you  can get a head start and get in touch with Relkogroup today. Book us to clean your office, and you will see exactly why we are the preferred choice for office cleaners in Birmingham.