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Don’t Sweep Things Under the Carpet

Aside from the luxury feel or aesthetic appeal, in general, not many of us know what lurks beyond, beneath and within our carpets; deep pile or not.

So, to give you more of an idea, uncover a few fascinating facts about rugs and carpets, below.

  • Did you know, almost all black rugs are dyed to an overly pigmented blue or red? This makes them look black, even though they are not actually black.
  • The Norovirus, which is an extremely contagious stomach bug, can live on the carpet for about a month! So can bacteria. Still think the five-second rule applies?
  • The most common places to harbour the highest number of germs are washing machines, toilets, office desks, rubbish bins (obviously), sink sponges, and air blown from vacuum cleaners.
  • Humans shed over a million skin particles per hour, which will happily settle into your carpet as dust. Nice.
  • Salt is effective at removing footprint stains from some carpets, and brightening them up.
  • Carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Carpets and rugs can accumulate dust mites and bed bugs, which can effectively live and thrive in the fibres.
  • Carpets absorb cigarette smoke, so they can pose a lung cancer risk to non-smokers in the household too, including pets.
  • The famous "Magic Carpet" from Aladdin is technically a rug, wouldn't you agree?
  • Clean carpets implement a healthier environment indoors.
  • It isn't just carpets and rugs that need regular cleaning; the fabrics in our furniture absorb similar dirt, so it is worth getting them cleaned too. Furniture and carpets cost a lot of money to replace, so it is much more cost-efficient maintaining and cleaning them than replacing them every few years.
  • Moisture can attract all sorts to your carpets: grime, moths, mites, bacteria, mould and so much more. These things thrive in damp carpets.

So, to ensure you keep your domestic or commercial carpet looking good, fresh and presentable, at a competitive price, give Relkogroup a call today for the best carpet cleaning in Birmingham.

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