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Empower Yourself with MJOLNIR

The Relko Group are very proud to be certified suppliers of Helly Hansen work wear. Founded back in 1877, Helly Hansen has lead the way in durable fishing, sports and work wear for over 100 years. Originally based in Oslo, Norway - the company’s products can now be found celebrated the world over attracting a surprisingly diverse audience to their stylish, high quality gear.

With that said, we are very excited to announce the arrival of the Helly Hansen MJOLNIR range on our web store. Durable, modern and stylish – the MJOLNIR Jackets and Trousers combine stylish professionalism with the latest technical advancements in flexible work wear.

If you are familiar with Norse mythology, the name MJOLNIR may already resonate with you as the fearsome hammer of Thor - the God of war. This striking new collection draws inspiration from the aesthetic and spiritual power of Thor’s weapon, a feat we believe you’ll agree the designers have pulled off with thunderous success. While his hammer may have been capable of levelling mountains and channelling thunder, our MJOLNIR jeans and jackets are perfect for embracing workplace graft and seasonal challenges.

Practical and flexible – the MJOLNIR range channels a perfect synthesis of mythical strength and modern style to bring the best of Helly Hansen to a new generation of workplace clothing.

The Relko Group are offering you the chance to pre-order the following MJOLNIR products ahead of their October/November launch date.

·         Helly Hansen MJOLNIR Trouser


·         Helly Hansen MJOLNIR Hood Jacket

·         Helly Hansen MJOLNIR Jacket

If you’d like to fire us a quick enquiry about our Helly Hansen gear please click here. For more updates from the team you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.