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End-of-Year Clean Up

At Relko Group we believe upon reaching the end of the year, you will be surprised how much your business has accumulated with regards to bits and pieces that are no longer in use, or that have never been used.  There is a longstanding saying that purports ‘a tidy room is a tidy mind', and this certainly goes some way to helping people to feel more organised and in control. That is why you will want to organise an end-of-year clean up at work, to start the New Year afresh.

Getting started

To begin an end of year clean up, you need to gather your employees and clarify just how ruthless you intend to be when it comes to what can be kept and what can be thrown out, recycled or donated to charity.

In this instance, it may be advisable to give a clear indication as to the cut-off dates, which will allow employees to work to a deadline and make sure everything is binned in time. For more information on our office cleaning expertise visit our website now!

Highlight any key areas that you think need particular attention, such as the kitchen, storeroom or a print room. These sorts of rooms and areas can become very cluttered, acting as a bit of a dumping ground.

Cupboards and Cabinets

Cupboards and cabinets are easy targets for hoarding items that fall into the category of ‘we might need this in the future'. Unfortunately, said objects rarely come back out of storage to get used, and so they take up valuable space in the office. Consider assigning certain spaces to specific individuals who can take charge of clearing up.

Electrical Goods

Electrical items aren't normally associated with clutter and rubbish, but commercial or office environments can accrue a large collection of old computer bits. If you have chairs, keyboards, old monitors and an entire herd of mice stored away, you need a clear out. There are many councils and organisations that will happily recycle old computer parts, so this may be a feasible option, worth investigating.


If you have performed a transition from paper files to digital ones, it is likely that somewhere there is a huge collection of paper and old folders; it is time to shred and dispose of them. Having said this, you may also be acutely aware that you have hoarders in the office that save every email too. Again, it is time to get these organised and emptied.

Lost Property

Frequently, there are jackets, sports kits, mugs, and all manner of other items that seem to belong to no one, and just gather in the office. If this is the case, then make an announcement that employees have one week to collect any items that belong to them, and anything left at the end of the week will be disposed of. This may even encourage staff to take their personal items home in the future.

Clean and Fresh

Once you and your team have gotten rid of all the bits lying around, it is time to get the professionals in and have the place spic and span. Our professional and fully trained cleaners can come in at a time that suits you and they will leave the place clean, fresh and ready for the year ahead. With so many people working in one office or environment, the amount of dust, germs and general dirt can be astounding. Click here for our specialist cleaning services today!

Relko have office cleaning specialists in Birmingham that are ready and waiting to take on your office and bring it back to its former glory. So why not get in touch today?