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Relkogroup 's Environmental Policies and Procedures

Relkogroup has adopted policies, procedures and processes which endeavour to minimize potential damage to environmental issues. The Managing Director of the company has resolved, wherever possible to use products and work methods which minimize risk to employees, clients, and the general public as well as limit emissions and waste.

It is the policy of Relkogroup to use vehicles and plant which are limited in engine capacity to minimize emissions, that where possible catalytic converters are fitted, to maximize fuel consumption. All the vehicles and plant utilize unleaded fuel, diesel, or LPG. Buildings within the ownership of the company are where practicable well insulated and are gas heated utilizing efficient boilers and energy saving devices such as individual thermostat controls.

Relkogroup endeavours to ensure that products in use by the company are continually reviewed for replacement, where available, with environmentally acceptable cost effective alternatives and that all waste arising from the activities of the company is where possible recycled, where recycling is not possible, waste is disposed of through approved and registered agencies.

All employees are aware of this policy and are encouraged to recommend action the company can adopt in extending a positive approach to Relkogroup Environmental issues.