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Epidemic Floods Continue, BBC News Reports

According to BBC news, the devastating impact of the UK's current floods is set to continue with predictions that we haven't yet seen the last of the heavy rain. In Southern-England, there are already "16 severe floor warnings" and the Met Office has made the wise decision to issue a "be aware" warning for torrential weather conditions in the South-West of England.

However, amongst the bleak news rests a reassuring prediction that the current situation occurring in the worst affected areas surrounding the Thames is expected to witness a dramatic improvement in coming weeks. During the Prime Minister's visit to Worcestershire, he met residents that have been affected by the floods.

From his visit, Mr Cameron concluded that money is going to be made available to farmers who have been affected by the rampant flooding as well as stating that "dredging can make a difference" and that "more of it needs to be carried out."

Weather Predictions

The BBC Weather Centre currently have concerns over the saturated ground caused by the mass flooding and they agree that it is vital to have the Met Office warnings in place. Additionally, they say that there are growing concerns about South Wales in terms of impending torrential weather conditions. Alongside the severe flood warnings already in place, it is estimated that the Environment Agency has at least 300 less severe flood warnings and alerts in both Wales and England.

Help is on the way

Earlier this month, Prime Minister David Cameron announced that a £10m fund would be made available in order to aid businesses struck by the disaster of the floods. It has also been said that "small and medium-sized companies affected by storms will have access to funds as part of the Business Support Scheme."

A helpline has also recently been launched for those affected by the floods; if you've been affected by severe flooding and you need to call for help, please get in touch on 0300 456 3565

Further to the introduction of the helpline, businesses are also being allowed additional time in order to file their accounts without the burden of being penalised. Vince Cable, Business Secretary, said "It is vital that small businesses affected by the flooding get assistance as quickly as possible"

"We know the insurance companies are working to process claims as quickly as possible and we will inform local authorities of their allocations from the Business Support Scheme on Thursday to assist businesses with clean-up costs or help them to continue trading"

On the topic of the scheme, Business and Enterprise Minister Michael Fallon had this to say "The scheme we're announcing today is specifically designed to help the smallest businesses - the local shops in the village, the local stores and the independents"

Flood Victims

On Friday the 14th of February, it was reported that two people - one a passenger on a cruise ship and the other a minicab driver from North London - were killed by the storm. James Swinstead was 85 years old and on a cruise ship when waves crashed through a window. He was aboard the MS Marco Polo when it happened. The ship was said to be en route to its home port in Essex when the disaster struck. Helen, the widow of Mr Swinstead, criticised the ship as being poorly maintained however, since the incident the cruise operator has said that "the ship had undergone stringent and rigorous surveys." Following these checks, the ship has now been deemed "fit to sail" by police and port authority inspectors.

Unfortunately though, the floods and storms still continue to change and claim lives, even as help is on its way to those suffering in the wake of them. If you are a victim of flooding or if you suspect that your area might be affected next and you'd like to prepare in advance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a fire and flood restoration company like Relko Group. We are happy to do what we can to ensure your safety and the safety of those closest to you.

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