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Essential PPE in the Workplace

Cleaning companies in Birmingham and around the UK know the importance of safety in the workplace and at home, which is why here at Relkogroup we pride ourselves on supplying only the best when it comes to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

PPE is equipment that helps protect an individual against any health and safety issues that might occur at work or home. This equipment might include items such as hard hats, steel toecap boots, high-visibility jackets, goggles and more complex equipment such as harnesses and breathing apparatus.

This equipment is especially important when using chemicals or tools that require certain procedures or training, as well as when operating heavy machinery. Below is a list of the equipment and scenarios you may find yourself in, and how you should incorporate PPE into your working day.

Eye Protection

If you were to lose your sight, it would not only hinder your work process, but it would also affect your personal life. Sight loss can occur as a result of carelessness or a serious accident at work, and it can have a significant impact on you and your loved ones.  If you work in the building industry, and you're constantly working with machinery and power tools that are likely to propel brick dust, metal, wood chippings and vapours, then you should invest in some goggles. Available in a wide range of styles, from plastic wraparound glasses to generic long life goggles, eye protection should be your first port of call when it comes to PPE. For industry standard PPE visit our website today!

Head Protection

It is imperative that you protect your head as much as possible. Sheltering your brain as well as your eyes, your head is open to risk, and if damaged it would seriously impact your life. Unfortunately, you never know when the next accident is around the corner.

There are all sorts of horror stories out there about builders being knocked out by falling debris, scaffolders scalping themselves, and electricians piercing their skulls on RSJs. Many of these accidents could be avoided though, had these workers worn the correct protective equipment.

Head protection comes in many forms: hard hats protect you from objects falling from heights, bump hats that protect you from bumping or knocking stationary objects and hairnets which prevent contamination and hair falling into products.

Foot Protection

Foot protection is required when an individual is working in rough terrain or conditions where there is a risk of heavy objects falling on them. If you're working on a building or demolition site, it is vital that you wear PPE on your feet. Most industrial workplaces will insist that you wear steel toe caps to avoid accidents occurring at work. Steel toecaps not only protect your feet in extreme conditions, and from dangerous chemicals, but they provide insulation against the cold. You must take precautions when working in slippery conditions, which is why the soles of protective footwear have specially designed treads to reduce slips or falls.

Here at Relkogroup we understand the importance of PPE, which is why we make it our job to alert people to the benefits of wearing and supplying your workforce with the correct PPE.

We want you to go through life with as much ease as possible, so making sure you're properly equipped for your job will not only protect you from danger, but will give you peace of mind and increased productivity.

Relkogroup not only supply PPE; we are also specialists in flood and fire restoration and a range of other services. If you'd like to find out more about our cleaning and restoration services, please do not hesitate to get in touch today by visiting our website. We would be happy to answer any enquiries you may have.