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Festive Clean Up

As the party season approaches, the average office will likely be host to an array of Christmas parties, meetings with extra nibbles (and drinks) and someone running rife with the Christmas decorations box, turning your workplace into a Winter Wonderland in one fell swoop. While this show of festivity might be fun in the build up to Christmas, nobody ever wants to volunteer to clean up in the New Year.

Here at, our cleaning services in Birmingham have got you covered. We have office Christmas cleaning tips coming out of our ears. Luckily for you, we have collated some of the best cleaning advice and tied it all up in a festive bow for you, right here.

A clean working environment keeps employees motivated and engaged and increases productivity. You can't argue with that logic. So, after the Christmas party you've been planning for months, it might be worth getting the cleaners in to be sure you come back to a healthy and hygienic workplace in the New Year.

Party Time

All food should be cleared out before office shut down or you might come back to a hive of bacteria and mould in the New Year - yuck! Any perishable items in the fridge should be thrown out before the last bin collection, too, in order to avoid nasty smells.

Any drink spillages should be dealt with immediately. Fizzy drinks and wine can stain, so be prepared to clean the stain before it dries. Fizzy drinks can be removed with a little washing up liquid. Darker drinks might need a water/vinegar solution to remove the colour.

If you spill red wine, blot the liquid with a cloth. On another cloth, dab white wine over it to neutralise as much as possible. A thick mixture of water and baking powder should be spread over the stain, then hoover up after 5 minutes. With any luck, your stain will have vanished! If not, you might want to call in the professionals. Relko can help - we have carpet cleaning in Birmingham covered - our team are more than happy to give your carpet a deep clean.

Spring Clean

It might be worth giving your office a Spring Clean over the Christmas break so that your staff can come back in the New Year to a fresh working environment, motivated to start as they mean to go on. Office cleaning services can come into your office and take down decorations, dust, polish, sweep, mop and hoover to refresh your workplace.

Finally, have staff de-clutter their desks before they leave, to ensure nothing irrelevant is still lying around when they return!

Follow our office Christmas cleaning tips and your office will be as fresh as a daisy on a dewy spring morning - the perfect way to start your New Year.

For more information on the cleaning services we provide, please browse our website and contact us for any further enquiries.