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Fire Causes: Spotlight on Electronic Cigarettes

There are a number of things that we don't really pay much attention to or think would cause a fire, so here, at Relko Group, we thought we would shine the spotlight on some of those elements of fire risk that we generally forget to consider in our day to day routines.

There have been a number of incidents recently involving electronic cigarettes leading to fires. The main cause of these fires being when e-cigarettes have been left on charge for long periods of time, or overnight and as a result, the batteries have exploded.

We have put together a few precautionary tips to help reduce the chances of a fire being caused by electronic cigarettes:

  • When charging the battery, do not over tighten onto the charger coil, this will cause the battery to overheat and combust
  • Do not leave an electronic cigarette unattended whilst on charge
  • Do not cross use products from different brands. Always use the original charging adaptor provided with your battery. Do not use cheap imitation chargers, it is not worth the risk
  • Ensure there is no liquid spillage before charging your e-cig, be sure to wipe any excess fluid off the bottom coil before charging
  • Be careful when leaving your e cigarette in your bag or handbag, if you do, ensure it is switched off. Often, something in your bag could rest on the vaping button, which, if continuously pressed; could overheat and explode
  • Always buy electronic products from a recognised, reputable dealer and ensure they are BS or CE certified
  • Ensure you regularly test and service your smoke alarms

In the unfortunate event that you are a victim to damage in your home or office as a result of fire, then here, at Relko Group, we understand how hard it is to get back to normal after such an incident. We are here to help you in getting your place back to normal with our fire restoration services. If you need more information or advice, please get in touch with our friendly advisors today.