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Fireworks: What are the risks?

Fireworks are a wonderful way to celebrate special occasions and festivities; New Year, Christmas and, of course, Bonfire Night are all prime examples. However, fireworks pose certain risks, and safety procedures need to be followed to ensure a safe night. Those who choose to hold displays in their back garden need to make sure they have a checklist of safety measures, and ensure that each and every one is adhered to before letting off the next firework.
In today’s blog post from RelkoGroup, we will be taking a look at the risks associated with fireworks and what you can do to prevent them.
Physical Harm
One of the most obvious risks of using fireworks is that they can cause significant physical harm and acute injuries. This is usually down to insufficient space or unsafe practices. This may also be caused by a lack of knowledge i.e. how to set off a firework safely.
To help prevent physical harm, you need to make sure your audience stands a suitable distance away from where you are setting off the fireworks. In addition, if a firework doesn’t set alight properly or doesn’t go off properly, you should leave it to cool down before going over to pick it up. You should never pick up a firework until a professional or expert deems it is safe to do so.
Structural Damage

Another risk posed by setting off fireworks is structural damage to your property. This could be caused by bad weather conditions and again, not enough space. Ideally, you need a large open space, far enough away from any buildings that properties are kept safe. Also, if the weather doesn’t look as though it will be in your favour, it is best to call it a night. This will not only keep your audience safe, but it will also protect nearby properties.
Fires are a huge risk when it comes to big festivities like Christmas, Bonfire Night and New Year. They take seconds to occur, yet they can leave a permanent mark on properties and individuals affected. Visit our webpage today and read how we can treat severe fire and flood damage.
When it comes to fireworks, the biggest cause of fires is inadequate space. If you don’t have enough space to set off fireworks safely, you risk it hitting a tree or surrounding property. This will increase the risk of fire, especially if the firework hasn’t cooled down or is still lit.
These three risks are not the only problems caused by fireworks, but they are the most common. To avoid them, it is best to prioritise safety and find a wide, open space for your fireworks display. If the worst happens though, you should enlist the help of a professional fire restoration service.
Here at, we specialise in fire and flood restoration services. To enquire, please get in touch today or browse the rest of our site to find exactly what you need.