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Flooding: The Clean-up and Limiting Property Damage

As many homeowners across Britain have experienced, flooding can be incredibly damaging to your property. Sandbags and other defences are invaluable when it comes to holding back the tide but sometimes they are just not enough, and the water manages to take over the ground level of the house.

Even when the water finally recedes, the clean-up has only just begun; aside from the inevitable water damage, layers of mud and debris also need to be cleared up. However, though there are some jobs best left to professional flood and fire restoration companies like Relkogroup, there are a few things homeowners can do to help dry their property out and help the cleaning process. 

Turn off the electricity 

This should be your top priority for obvious reasons; the simplest way of doing this is to flip the main circuit breaker. During the cleaning process, you may find you need to use power tools, so to ensure your safety and avoid any electricity-related risks, use battery powered ones. 

Remove any standing water 

It is likely that there will be many pools of standing water still in your property; the longer these remain, the more damage they will do. So, if it is safe to do so, sweep it out of the property or use towels to soak it up. This process may help to reduce the damage done to walls and floors in the long run. To see our cleaning and restoration services, click here

Gather clothes and linen 

Rather than jumping to conclusions and assuming they are utterly ruined, gather all clothing and linen into black bags and assign someone to do washing duty. Once all the textiles have been properly and thoroughly cleaned, you can the deem if something is salvageable or not.  

Remove your furniture and soft furnishings 

Unfortunately, it is likely that items such as pillows and soft toys will be ruined in a flood and will have to be thrown away. However, provided it is properly dried and cleaned, furniture may be salvageable.

Air out the property 

While you are doing all of the above, open every door and window to the property to let the air circulate. This will encourage evaporation and ultimately help to dry the house. Also, the fresh air will help to dispel any lingering odours left behind by the floodwater. 

At, we have many years’ experience providing flood and fire restoration services, and we understand that rebuilding after such a devastating occurrence takes time, patience and determination.  Our restoration services include water damage repair, mould remediation and odour removal, to name but a few. During the restoration process, we will work closely with you to ensure that your house is cleaned and restored as quickly and professionally as possible. 

Full details of our services can be found online, but if you have any specific questions relating to your current circumstances then do not hesitate to get in touch; we will be happy to help you in any way we can.