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The cold weather is slowly creeping back in on us as the sun fades and makes way for those blistering cold, wet autumn mornings.

Huddled at the office desk in your knitted jumper and occasional hot water bottle, sipping away at your warm mug of hot chocolate...

But let’s not forget, this isn’t a cuddle up by the fire kind of scene, you’re at the office and there’s work to do! So, tissues and hot drinks to hand, you slog away, trudging along at an even pace… then before you know it, Jack, the office klutz, saunters in midweek with a nasty cough.

But little do we know that every time Jack coughs or sneezes, he is releasing germs and bacteria up to as far as 3 feet, that can live and multiply for as long as 3 days in the office. Wow! So let’s have a good think about a typical day for Jack in the office and what he could come into contact with?

Jack drives into work while coughing and sneezing and parks up. He types the code into the door entry security system and runs upstairs (holding the rail). He opens the door, walks across the office after shaking hands, greeting the directors and makes his way to his desk.

He then walks over to the fridge, gets out the milk and makes a cup of tea. He uses the kettle and communal milk, picks up his mug and walks back to his desk. His desk phone rings, he answers and passes the phone to Dan who sits next to him, as it’s for him.

Now that we have your attention, have you already taken note of how many germs Jack has transferred within just 5 minutes of being in the office? By the end of the week, you would expect to have a fraction of the office off sick with his contagious germs.   

So how can you keep Jacks gremlins at bay (or anyone else’s for that matter, being fair to Jack)? You invest in regular deep office cleaning. 

Not only that, for those of you with family you would probably want to ensure you are bacteria free when you get home to your children, right?

Give Relkogroup a call today with your office cleaning requirements. We are committed to providing a thorough, efficient and reliable service to suit the personal needs of your business. With quality and care at the core of our delivery, we believe we have the necessary skills and experience to ensure we not just meet, but exceed your expectations. 

For more information, get in touch with Relkogroup today. Call us on 0800 014 297 or submit your enquiry via our website.

Together, we can keep those gremlins away.