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Get It Done Right the First Time Around

There is no shortage of options when it comes to commercial, industrial or office cleaning. Fire and flood restoration companies specialise in cleaning at all levels, be it commercial or industrial. However, there is an ever-present need to get a company that knows their craft well and are also able to think creatively to respond to sudden scenarios that might arise during the renovation, restoration or cleaning project.

It is these two attributes that define a competent organisation like Relkogroup. Each cleaning project presents its challenges, its own obstacles and requires its own strategy. Below we will highlight some of the most common types of cleaning projects and how a professional and competent cleaning company should go about tackling each and every one of them.  

Office and Commercial Cleaning

Over the years there has been an enormous and conscious effort to bring innovative engineering techniques, used with careful planning, into the office cleaning sector. Flow Clean is one such technique that professional cleaning companies utilise when dealing with public or private sector cleaning projects. By utilising low energy vacuum cleaners, microfiber cloths and high quality biodegradable chemicals (the latter results in lower costs for companies seeking cleaning services), a higher cleaning standard is achieved along with an environmentally-friendly cleaning approach.

High Level Cleaning

It would be incorrect to assume that all cleaning is done on the ground or at floor level. Cleaning is also performed at great heights; a challenging yet necessary prospect. There are certain and specific procedures involved that a competent cleaning company needs to be familiar with.

Firstly, a risk assessment should be carried out to identify any hazards whatsoever that might arise during the cleaning project. Furthermore, who could be at risk should these hazards occur and how would the situation be tackled should a hazard present itself? Can it be avoided altogether? These are all important questions that must be answered before any high-level cleaning can commence. Due to the height factor involved, there can be no second guesses, everything needs to be mapped out beforehand.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning on a regular basis is a very wise thing to do, as not cleaning it could reduce its life expectancy. However, carpet that has sustained catastrophic damage, such as water flooding, requires a very careful and well-planned approach to be fully restored to its original form (once it is determined that it can be done). To see more on our carpet cleaning services, click here

Cleaning is an integral part of practically any physical structure that is constantly visited and used by people. Be it a home, a corporate office or an industrial factory, they all require some form of cleaning. It is important to get any cleaning or restoration done the right way the first-time around, and that can only be achieved through professional cleaning services like those offered by Relko