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Get the Look: Wearable Technology at Work

According to The Guardian, 2015 is set to be the year of wearable technology; at home, in sports, and at work. This is music to our ears at Relkogroup because we are excited to see just how many businesses in Birmingham and across the UK will benefit from our range of iGlove wearable technology.
Following on from the various articles The Guardian has written about wearable technology, we thought we would take a brief look at just three of the most popular pieces.
So read on to see what kind of wearable technology you can expect to see this year.
Fitness Trackers
If you work outdoors or in a more physically demanding career, you will likely get more exercise than most, even if you aren’t overly conscious of it. Having a fitness tracker, some of which come in very compact and smart designs, will help you to keep a record of the steps you take, the moves you make and the calories you burn in a day. Some smart watch style trackers even log your hours of sleep and adjust the quality or pattern of your sleep, meaning you can be earlier to rise and better rested for those crack of dawn starts.
Smart clothes
The evolution of wearable smart technology has brought the idea into the realm of sport and fashion. There are now smart garments, such as vests and t-shirts that you can wear underneath your normal clothes or work wear. These garments will track vitals like heart rate, temperature and so on. You will be able to analyse your health, fitness and activity levels, whether you are hard at work on site or heading out for an after-work run. Combine these with more traditional, but equally clever clothing, such as hi-vis jackets and breathable or thermal materials, and you will be well kitted out for whatever comes up.
iGlove accessories
The iGlove touchscreen glove is the hottest new piece of wearable technology out there. If you work outside or in cold temperatures, these gloves can make your life much easier and far more comfortable. You can stay fully connected, whether you need to make calls on your smartphone or use your touchscreen tablet to draw up plans, place orders and process paperwork on the go. What’s more is that you don’t have to remove your gloves to do so. You can spend all day, every day being comfortable, well-connected and completely up to scratch with 21st century tech.
Of course, these are just three examples that have hit the market so far. There are plenty more innovations out there and more in development. So keep your eyes peeled for the next big thing in terms of wearable tech at work, and start with key pieces like out iGlove touchscreen gloves.
You can find different styles, as well as associated accessories on our site, or you can get in touch with Relkogroup directly. We are always happy to help, and we look forward to hearing from you.