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Getting Rid Of Odour Left Behind By Fire Damage

After the smoke has settled, and the fire restoration work is done, you are left to deal with the odour of smoke. The smell of smoke lingers long after the damage is repaired, sometimes clinging on for months. This is because it could be trapped in your chimney, between cavity walls or just about anywhere else.

Enlisting the help of professionals such as Relko Group is the best way to go about tackling the odour, but if you want to do it by yourself, use the steps listed below to do so effectively.

Proper Ventilation In the Entire House

You need to properly ventilate your home by opening all the doors and windows. An easy way to speed up the ventilation process is to place a large fan in the way of the door and place an exhaust system on the windows. This way, the fan will blow fresh air into the house and the exhaust system will extract the foul smell of smoke. Click here for the UK's finest fire and flood restoration company!

Check and Replace the Insulation If Needed

Believe it or not, the foul smells could be coming from your attic insulation. This is because all the odours caused in the house cling to the material and get stored in the attic insulation, before getting recirculated around the house. Now, there isn’t a way to clean or deodorize insulation so if it is the source of the smoke smell, the only option you have is to replace it.

Steam Clean the Carpets, Launder Everything Else

Soft furnishing can soak up the smell and have your house wreaking of smoke for many months to come. Shampoo your carpets and clean your soft furnishings as soon as possible, using a professional steam vacuum cleaner and heavy duty cleaning products. After a fire, you will have to throw away your old mattresses and pillows because no matter how hard you try, you won’t get the odor out of these objects. So if you haven’t disposed of them already, it is highly likely that these upholstery items are your problem.

This may seem like an awful lot of trouble to go through but it is necessary to get rid of the foul smoke odour. The job is best left to Relko because of their experience and high success rate. So to skip these steps and get your home back to normal and smoke odour-free, enlist the services of a fire restoration company and let them take care of everything for you.