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Getting Shirty With It

Lunching in the office today, and you just happen to be donning that crisp, pristine, white shirt you thought would never last five minutes on you? Or is it a case of ‘little pickers wear big knickers' (not always) and you're a complete natural at desk grazing?

We have found solutions to three of the popular stains you may accumulate whilst you nibble away at your desk in that all important attire.

  • Yoghurt

A fresh yoghurt stain can easily be removed by applying cold water to it immediately, it is usually better to run the cold water through it from the inside out.

  • Coffee

If you, like the majority of the population, are constantly on the caffeine burner, you will experience a coffee stain at some point in your employment (!). Sparkling water should do the trick, pour it onto the stain (on the opposite side of the material), and gently rub away; you'll have lifted the stain in no time

  • Chocolate

Like to indulge in a bit of creamy silk at your desk? Don't we all, eh? No point trying to keep it a secret though, as there is a strong possibility your shirt might display the guilty evidence at some point. If you notice chocolate stains on your shirt, don't panic or rub it immediately; gently scrape it off instead, run it through cold water, flush it out with sparkling water, then blot the area dry, being careful not to drive the stain in further.

Always remember to tend to a stain as soon as you see it, leaving the stain to absorb gives more time for the protein to set into the fibres.

Here, at Relkogroup,  we understand that every business' structure and needs are different. This is why we tailor solutions to suit the requirements of you and your company. Our flexible approach is beneficial for any type of environment and we work our office cleaning service around you, to suit your time. Give us a call today and let us try and keep your office stain free for you.