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Great Facts of Fire

We always think it won’t happen to us as we are too careful, it’s the kind of thing that only happens on TV, right? Wrong. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to forget you left that candle burning before you quickly nipped out to the shops or how quickly you could doze off whilst the fryer is on…

Still don’t think it could happen to you? Then read on…

Did you know?

  • The majority of home fires start in the kitchen
  • Electric cookers are a bigger cause of house fires than gas cookers
  • Approximately 30 house fires are reported every single day, purely as a result of unattended candles, with 60% of these cases being due to something too close to the candle catching fire
  • One of the biggest causes of death from fire during the night is smoke alarm failure, due to poor or no maintenance of the smoke alarm
  • In the U.S, smoking is the main cause of fire, closely followed by heating, with arson coming in at third place (primarily within commercial buildings)
  • The biggest cause of fires is negligence of safety; the majority of fires could have been avoided by people better educating themselves on fire hazards and safety
  • It’s important not to forget about the fire triangle; a fire is created from oxygen, fuel and heat. Without all three, it cannot exist. Fuel can consist of anything such as paper, clothes, flammable liquids, wood, etc.
  • Cotton can catch fire if superglue is added to it
  • Putting underwired bras in a tumble dryer can cause the wiring to get stuck and start a fire
  • A big percentage of the people who have died from a fire incident have died from inhalation of the smoke, as opposed to the flames. This is because fire extracts all the oxygen from the air, thus releasing deadly gases that are poisonous to inhale.
So, ensure you act responsibility to avoid being part of these shocking statistics. Read here* for some basic safety tips to help you avoid a fire in your home.
Should you be unfortunate enough to experience a fire in your home or office, Relkogroup offers bespoke fire and flood restoration services within Birmingham and surrounding areas. Let the experienced team here at Relkogroup take over, look after you and restore your space back to normal whilst ensuring you also receive the best support and service.
Relkogroup is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so get in touch with us now.