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Hi-Vis Clothing: What to Know

Hi-Vis (or High Visibility) clothing has become an industry standard for those operating in workplaces that carry some degree of hazard, which can be diminished by an improvement in worker visibility. But how does hi-vis clothing work and can it really help to reduce risks? Let’s find out.
To begin with, high visibility clothing consists of fluorescent colours, usually orange or yellow, which react with ultraviolet rays. This reaction causes the clothing to look like it is ‘glowing’ and becomes more prominent when lighting is minimal.
There are two main types of hi-vis technology; retro-reflective and glass bead technology. In the case of the former, almost all light is returned to its source, such as a driver following a cyclist at night, as an example. The latter, however, distributes the light reflected.
So, now we know a little bit about how hi-vis clothing works, what benefits can it offer us? Keep reading to see just three advantages.
Equipment use
When using equipment, such as warehouse vehicles and more, visibility is crucial. By having workers dressed in hi-vis workwear, it helps to improve safety by alerting drivers where other employees are at all times. This means that when they carry out their routine checks before reversing, they are far more likely to spot someone in the way and can react accordingly.
Protection against the elements

Of course, wearing hi-vis workwear when lighting is poor, due to the elements, is important and beneficial. But how else does it protect against the weather? Well, according to Engineers International, this type of clothing can actually provide protection when it gets too hot. This is ideal for those that work outside when summer strikes, ensuring they stay cool and comfortable.
If there is an emergency at your workplace and your employer needs to perform a headcount to ensure employees are safe, hi-vis clothing can help them to identify everyone. Plus, if you need to evacuate the building, it allows managers to quickly check if anyone is missing.
These are just three benefits of high visibility clothing and a little bit about how it works. For more, feel free to check out our range of hi-vis products here at