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Holiday Pet Safety

As the cold weather sets in, the idea of getting cosy in front of the fire with a good book, a hot drink and your furry friends sounds pretty perfect, doesn't it? The snow begins to fall and we crave hot dinners, mulled wine and look forward to Christmas decorations and gift giving with our families. Ensure your pets stay safe this holiday period by following our pet safety tips.


Lighting candles is traditional during the festive period, and candle arches are one of the most popular Christmas decorations. Keep your pets and home safe by ensuring your candles are not easily accessible by cats or dogs, and not likely to catch on any curtains or drapes. We would suggest placement on a mantelpiece, or replacing with an electronic version.

Keep tinsel and fairy lights towards the top and middle of Christmas trees, but not the lower branches as they can be very appealing for pets! Ingesting tinsel can be very harmful, and an electric shock isn't nice for a human, let alone your furry friends!

Trees and Flowers

Keep Christmas trees in corners, out of the way of your pets, especially if they like to climb. Add some tinsel or some bells to the base of your tree to warn you on any incoming pets.

If you prefer a real Christmas tree, choose a healthy one that retains its needles when you brush your hand over them. Keep in water outside until the last possible moment, and clean up any dropped needles as and when necessary.

They might look pretty, but holly, ivy and poinsettias are poisonous to cats and dogs but are also items they are very interested in, particularly to chew. Avoid at all costs if you have cats and dogs, or get fake flowers and wreaths instead.

Fire Safety

By all means light your fire over the winter months; they are warming and beautiful to look at, as well as making your house as cosy as possible. However, ensure you have adequate fire guards in place to stop your pets from harming themselves.

Never leave fires unsupervised - fire can spread quickly and turn uncontrollably within a short space of time, particularly with lots of paper and decorations lying around. Keep your family, pets and your home safe this year by following this very simple advice. Should the worst happen, Relko have a fire restoration service that can help with fire and water damage to restore your home to it's best. 

Follow our advice and tips for keeping your pets and loved ones safe this Christmas and you'll be cosy, warm and dry long into the New Year. For any enquiries you do have about the services available from Relko, please get in touch with us today.