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Horrendous Home Restoration Mistakes

Restoring a physical structure back to its original form is often a complicated and demanding task. First and foremost, something bad has happened to the structure for it to require restoration. Secondly, restoring it back to its original form could raise serious worker safety concerns which must be addressed before any work can begin. So tension levels are already high from both ends. In such instances, any mistake or mishap can spell disaster for an already delicate situation.
Today’s post from will shed some light on horrendous mistakes that can arise when undertaking masonry and home restoration work. The idea is to inform our readers on what scenarios to avoid in order to receive the best results when it comes to restoration work.
Hiring Contractors Who Don’t Know Restoration Work                         
Renovation and masonry work is a very specific skill set that is not easily mastered. It requires a firm understanding of how to correctly analyse the situation and approach restoration work appropriately. One of the major problems today is that too many self-claimed experts have set up shop. This makes it difficult for people to distinguish between a professional restoration company and a jack-of-all-trades establishment that will undertake virtually any work.

Buildings and structures that date back decades do not hold up the same way as modern structures today and thus need to be treated differently. Techniques relating to modern structures are incompatible with structures created 20 years ago or historical properties.
Restoration work for large structures, particularly those hit by natural disasters or man-made mistakes, requires a lot of practical experience and solid theoretical background. Looking for well respected building restoration companies? Look no further! Visit our website to discover our wide range of skills and services, including building restoration.
Underestimating Costs
Nine times out of ten, renovation work will always cost more than you would expect. There are simply too many questions and some of them can only be answered after some form of restoration work has been conducted in order to identify the severity of the damage. Some problems are only revealed at certain stages that must first be reached before anything conclusive can be determined. It’s easy to go over budget so everything has to be planned carefully and accordingly. A professional renovation and restoration company will allow some amount of contingency, normally in the range of 10-20% to cover additional costs.
Using Improper Cleaning Methods
Naturally any form of restoration work will also entail a fair level of cleaning. Office cleaning companies are usually on top of things for such instances however, a lack of knowledge and proper training can make a bad situation worse. Even the most gentle air abrasive cleaning can remove the surface from stone or brick. This is particularly true when it comes to timber. Techniques such as sand-blasting should never be used on timber and similar structures. In saying this, chemical cleaning agents are no doubt great but they contain acids and alkalis and thus react with stone and brick along with dirt layers which can cause damage. They can even leave behind harmful residue that could be a potential health hazard for people later down the line.
Masonry renovation work is deeply affected by improper cleaning techniques. Even at a low pressure setting, water can soak masonry and cause surface staining. In worst case scenarios, this can even lead to masonry decay, causing a nightmare situation for the property and the property owner.
The ultimate solution to this problem is to get professional help on any type of restoration work. This means enlisting a company that know the trade, has the right tools and uses the correct techniques to get the job done.
Relkogroup offer a specialist cleaning service in Birmingham and are happy to assist in all projects, large and small. For more information, contact the team today through the Relkogroup website.