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How Can Relkogroup Reduce Your Business’ Carbon Footprint?

Whatever their size, any business knows the importance of being green, in both their policies and their practices. Being green is not only good for the environment, though this is the driving force behind it; being green as a company can also help you to become a leader in your industry, setting a good example for others in every possible way.

You might have an office-wide recycling initiative that encourages employees to recycle everything from scrap paper to drink cans and bottles. Alternatively, you might offer incentives for teams who remember to turn off their lights and electrical equipment at the end of each shift.

Of course, using energy-efficient measures and making recycling a way of life are two very obvious ways of being green in the workplace, but if you really want to reduce your carbon footprint as a business, you might want to consider enlisting the help of Relkogroup for your office cleaning needs.

We have over four decades of experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, catering for a whole host of their needs, whether they need weekly cleaning visits or ad hoc deep cleans and restorative services.

Aside from our vast experience and exceptional service, what sets Relko apart from other cleaning companies is our commitment to the environment. We use eco-friendly cleaning products as a matter of course, paying attention to detail and ensuring that we deliver the best results in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

We believe there is more to office cleaning than leaving you with tidy, hygienic surroundings; your work environment must also be safe, and maintained in a way that protects the environment, as well as the people using it. That is why we don't waste valuable resources like electricity and water unnecessarily, and why we always use green cleaning products where possible.

If you still aren't convinced you need to be selective about your cleaning company as part of your efforts to be greener as a business, here are a few more points to consider:

  • Eco-friendly products are healthier and safer because they don't use harmful chemicals, reducing the risk of chemical burns, skin irritation, and ingestion or inhalation of toxins.
  • Your work environment will be purer; thanks to the lack of chemicals and subsequent pollution, and you will find the air quality improves too.
  • Far from being a minor detail, using green products for office cleaning shows that you pay attention to every facet of the day-to-day running of your business. It also demonstrates that you take your commitments and responsibilities seriously, incorporating them into everyday office life.   
  • You will be not only a leader as a professional body, but also an inspiration. Other businesses, of varying size, will admire your green credentials, and they will follow in your footsteps, resulting in a very positive knock-on effect.
  • As well as having your office cleaned expertly with eco-friendly products, employing cleaning services like those offered by Relko means you will benefit from dedicated, professional and bespoke cleaning services.

Now, these points are quite general, and you may well have your own specific reasons for choosing an environmentally-conscious cleaning company like Relko. Ultimately though, such a decision will be beneficial to your business because it will demonstrate strong principles and serious commitment to well-being on a universal scale.

So get in touch with Relkogroup today and find out how our cleaning services can help keep your business property in good shape, and make your business a good example for others to follow.